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Full Version: Anniversary & Holiday Events!
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IntrinsicMS is almost one year old! Can you believe that?!?

It's been a fun ride and will continue to be a fun ride for months to come, but lets celebrate what we've done so far!

In celebration of the holiday season and our one year anniversary, the Intrinsic staff will be hosting weekend long GM event marathons from December 11th to the 12th!

Spaceman will host the following:

-Hide and Seek
-True or False
-Russian Roulette
-Musical Chairs
-"Find the Ticket"
-GM Monster Events
-& More!

GM Nara, Shin, and Intern Bells and Noctius will also host events. 

There will be lots of prizes and maybe some "flash" events on the website to win big!

_This post may be updated to include more fun stuff_
Furthermore the following will be active:

1.5x DP from 3rd December to 1st January
1.5x Exp/2x drop from 3rd December to 5th December
The events will be moved to the weekend of the 18th and be combined with more holiday events.
1.5x EXP/2x DROP/ 2x VP/1.5x DP will all end on December 18th.

Our new Interns Bells and Noctius will be hosting some events as well.