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Game Update Update Log 26th February (CLIENT UPDATE)
- A new client will be available through the downloads page -> Client Download. This will be required after the update.
- Client "freeze" time after clicking start game has been greatly improved. Should fix some crashing issues
- Potential Nerf Reverted. A new Item.wz will be in the rar when you download the new client. Please replace the old Item.wz
- Fixed DC'ing when entering a map with active damage reflect
- Monster HP adjusted from 0.35x -> 0.5x
- Monster Defence Rate adjusted from 0.7x -> 1x
- Fixed Amaranth Generator
- Fixed Orbital Cataclysm
- Ignite is now only triggered by Fire Element attacks
- Heroes/Paladins/Bowmasters/Marksman/Wind Archer get additional weapon speed
- Possible fix to ignite damage for phantoms (Untested)
- Empress Cygnus timer has been extended to 1h 40 minutes due to additional time added by DR
- You can now stack 2000 Power Elixirs in a single slot

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