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Official Discord Reform
Recently there has been an increase in trolling, harassing, and silly behavior. Clearly, rules are not defined well enough, and consistency of punishments between the staff is not, well, consistent.

Discord Rules:

-Excessive Trolling (2+ times after staff ask you to stop)
-Pornography and other obscene images
-Hacking discussion
-Impersonating staff
-Verbally berating staff & their decisions
- & more (up to staffs discretion within reason)

These are all offenses in which you can be kicked for and upon subsequent abuses you will be banned from the chat.

How to Report:

The staff will monitor the chat, however, it is not our place to decided when joking with your friend constitutes harassment, it is yours. If you feel you are being harassed and/or trolled please PM a staff member with a screenshot of the conversation.

Unless staff see obvious abuse against another member, we will not intervene unless it is reported. This is to reduce the number of false kicks & bans for players interacting with their friends.

Note: All trolling & memes MUST be in the #memes_and_trolling channel, any where else will be considered a kickable offense.

Any other abuses not aforementioned in the paragraph above can be reported directly to a staff member.

Why all this?

We need to clean up the chat and take control. With an influx of players expected at the end of November, we hope to keep the chat as user friendly as possible.
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