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Shin's Anniversary Event

Dark Knight Shin has completed all of Overlord Lynx' warp data and pranked him by placing an indestructible Anniversary Balloon in 1 specific map for each warp data.
Find a balloon to win a prize!

How to win
Take a full window screenshot of your character next to the balloon with your minimap maximized, your chat visible ,and showing the time with @check, and post it in this thread.
Spoiler Show
[Image: 4d6416bcb8.jpg]

First come first serve - First to post a screenshot for a balloon wins for that warp data.
Anyone that posts for that same balloon after will not be credited, unless the first poster is disqualified or breaks a rule.
This post will be edited with who have won for each balloon.
Due to the amount of warps there are, this event will only be hosted in channel 1.
Event ends when all balloons have been found.
Players will be given their prizes at the end of the event.

Only one prize per account. If you use a second account you will be disqualified and your first prize will be removed.
For warp data under level 120, your character must not be over the max range for that warp.

Example - Lith Harbor (Level 20 to 40) Your character can be 40 but not 41.
If you have a character above level 180, don't make a new character for the warps below 180.
You may only post here to discuss this event and to submit your screenshots.
Don't @ me on discord that you posted. I don't care.
Do not argue these rules.


Coke Town - Rednor
Ninja Castle - Karasu
Yu Garden - noobwannabe
Omega Sector - kirinelf
Neo City - Childish
Night Market - lightbreaker
CBD - Grimm
Ellin Forest - Szen
Ereve - ThisIsIced
Shaolin - chiendo
Rien - AkashiSenjuro
Mu Lung - Decimate
Floating Market - Aeaxus
Perion - Specs
Florina Beach - Hugoboss
Boat Quay Town - infidelryuu
Henesys - KeenSine
Chryse - Drop
Herb Town - Castella
Temple of Time - Deputy
El Nath - dsadadsaa
Leafre - mishoo
Songshan Town - tobisoul
Sengoku High - vivianlydoda
Momijigaoka - Aznprideyea
Kerning Square - Truce
Ariant - snookix3088
Taipei 101 - Tantan
Colossus - Pabolyo

Spoiler Show
[Image: 87ef5c09dc.jpg]

Like this?
Ninja castle - check

Spoiler Show
[Image: z318BYg.jpg]
Yu Garden
Spoiler Show
[Image: KHi514E.jpg]
Omega Sector, done.

Spoiler Show
[Image: b032d20544.jpg]
Neo City ^^
Spoiler Show
[Image: 69563414a2.png]
Night Market
Spoiler Show
[Image: l7RoQ8Q.png]
[Image: Untitlesd_zpsbrw7l9wb.jpg]
Ellin Forest
Spoiler Show
[Image: bFS4BMx.png]
EDIT: The event will continue

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