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Childish's Lunar New Year Event
MAJOR EDIT 07/02/2017

Lunar New Year has arrived, and it's time to get into the spirit of things! What better way than to get our fortunes for the year, right?

From Januar 31st to February 11th (GMT Time), I will be hosting various events at various timings and the winners will be awarded with Fortune Cookies.
[Image: f48bdeb052.png]

These Fortune Cookies can be exchanged for various items based on your fortune! These can include Chair Gachapon Tickets, Food Gachapon Coupons, Chairs, Cash Effects, Label Rings or even Item of Choices!

Hope to see you there, and Happy Lunar New Year! c:
Admin & Web Developer of IntrinsicMS
PM me if you have any admin/website related questions.

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