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Game Update Update Log 25th February
- Fixed summon attacks dc'ing sometimes
- Fixed Styx Crossing Cooldown
- Fixed Demon Slayer DF resetting to 10 every level up
- Possible guild tab fix
- Fixed Jaguar Skills not applying anything past the first line of damage
- Fixed Jaguar Skills dc'ing others on the same map
- Skills that aren't affected by dispel are no longer dispelled
- Night Walker's Quintuple Throw spread range adjusted
- Inferno Aura no longer affects party members
- Shadower buffed
- Shadower's V Skill nerfed to 500%
- Psychic Grab - Boss Point disabled
- Knight's Watch (Mihile Link Skill) - Gives Stance as per pre-revamp mihile, Duration doubled
- Fixed @togglefade
- Fixed Taipei101 background
- Fixed Ignite
- Fixed Return Flame
- Ignite Enabled
- Fixed Amaranth Generator
- Fixed Orbital Cataclysm buff
- Fixed Aegis System. Added Skill change : Is triggered by attacks as well when Amanrath Generator is active
- Dark Metamorphosis cooldown no longer restarts when orbs attack a monster
- Fixed Paladin's Elemental Charge
- Fixed Paladin's Void Elemental Buff
- Fixed Mihile's Radiant Cross - Spread
- Re enabled Damage Reflect
- Skills that ignore damage reflect should now ignore it
- Fixed Safety Charms
- Upon death, if no dialogue appears and you get stuck : Use @dispose/unstuck and then wait 30 seconds for the dialogue to appear
- Cygnus Instructor revive mechanic has been removed
- Fixed Bellflower Barrier
- Summon/Jaguar attacks are now visible to others
- Kinesis' Psychic Smash now has it's full animation (1st person only)

- Fixed DC'ing when entering a map with active damage reflect

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