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It's fine as it is
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Hello everyone!
Hi guys! Some people might be wondering where I appeared from, so here it is.

My name is Sosa, and after taking an interest in the server's great potential, as well as a somewhat large deal of deliberation with the administration team, I am volunteering to use my experience with management from other large servers to assist the staff team in revitalizing IntrinsicMS's great community. To start off, I am a firm believer in forums. I think when they are put to their full use, they can really help stabilize the player-base. They also help create a much warmer environment for the players to be able to really make friends in the server, and be constantly communicating, which is the key to any server's growth! The idea is to try to push our server to the top, which is I'm sure what everyone wants. The forum activity on this server is definitely lacking, but hopefully we'll find a way around that!

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing a ton of different changes done to the forums, and all I can ask of you guys is to come on here more often and post!
One thing I found very intriguing about Intrinsic's forums is that the "Suggestions" category is by far the most active. It really shows that the players here want the server to grow, which is a sign of a strong community. I'd like to see forum suggestions pop up too! What are some things you would like to see on the forums? It could be anything. If you have a big idea, post it in that section! If it's something small, and you don't feel like making a new thread, you can post it right here. I'm very open to communication, so if you want to have a conversation with me about anything just shoot me a PM or contact me on Discord.

Some features that will possibly be added as of now:
  • Revamped theme
  • Post-count user-titles (e.g: 1-10 posts = Snail 11-30 posts = Slime 100 - 250 posts = Balrog)
  • Custom acquirable user-titles (e.g : King of Henesys)
  • Guild usergroups & depending on activity possibly guild-specific forum events
  • Brand new categories & sub-categories
  • Scheduled forum events with prizes
Previous post on this thread by me has been removed because memes.

Now, memes aside.

It's been over two months since you joined and I haven't seen a single change made to the forums other than the change in theme which was already there before you came. I honestly don't mean to be rude, but I have to ask if you're planning on doing anything.

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