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Game Update Update Log 4th May
- Optional Client Update. Reawakening V1.2.
Fixes crashing upon opening monster book/ double clicking of monsters.
The v1.2 file can be used BEFORE the update and is completely OPTIONAL. (However, you will need it to prevent crashing from the monster book)
Manual Patch v1.1 -> 1.2 Download link :

- Fixed viewing drops on monster book (still a little weird)
- Fixed changing sets on Crusader Codex ( still weird)
- Possible fix for dc'ing in emp with more than 1 person
- Fixed Meso Mastery not adding to pickpocket rate
- Fixed people getting pre-big bang perion warp data without doing the quest line. If you have finished the pre-bb perion questline, talk to Ayan again after the update to restore your warp data.
- Fixed Meso Explosion - Enhance not adding to pickpocket rate
- Pre-big bang Excavation Site questline released (With repeatable quests at the end)
- Arrow Blaster turret should be fixed
- Dawn Warrior's V Skill has been changed
- Magic Powder trade requirement lowered from 5 to 3

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