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Summer Events!
Summer has arrived, and the heat wave is simply killing us all!
Thankfully, the mobs in IntrinsicMS have started to drop Ice Puddings for us to be refreshed.

[Image: 25pk4d1.png]

From now till the start of August 2017, collect these Ice Puddings and exchange them for prizes!

Summer is also the time whereby many things are ongoing. As such, the Game Masters have come together to celebrate IntrinsicMS's Summer with everyone!

Summer Festival
'tis the season to be festive! Join in the carnival games hosted by the GMs at varying moments; the usual events such as Russian Roulette, Jump Quests and Hide-and-Seek will be held regularly. Win up to 3 Ice Puddings in each game!

I, the Errand Runner
With all the preparations for the Summer Festival, the GMs have their hands full. Help them out by collecting certain items every few days and be rewarded with a cool Ice Pudding! This round's items will be announced soon!

Drake's Fashion Fiesta
Fashion changes with every season, and it's time for a wardrobe overhaul for everyone! Designer Drake is on the lookout for the next It Outfit, with a different judging criteria each time. Stay tuned to the theme for the first Fashion Fiesta; participants will stand a chance to win Ice Puddings!

Childish's Summer School
Summer isn't all rainbows and sunshine - after all, a student's life never ends! But rest easy, this Summer School will test you on things never seen before in class. Every Saturday and Sunday at various timings, Childish will conduct a quiz and will reward the top students! Topics for the quiz will be announced on Wednesdays to give ample time for students to revise, so there's no excuse for bad grades!
First topic: Pokemon! (3rd and 4th June)

So, what exactly can you get from Ice Puddings?
By trading them in with the GMs, you can get the prizes as listed below!
Spoiler Show
1 Ice Pudding: 1 Chair Gachapon Coupon
2 Ice Puddings: 1 Food Gachapon Coupon
3 Ice Puddings: 1 Transformation Potion of Choice
5 Ice Puddings: 1 Chair of Choice [Limited to 5 per account]
7 Ice Puddings: 1 NX Equip (without stats) or Ring of Choice [Limited to 3 per account]
9 Ice Puddings: 1 NX Effect of Choice (Excluding Festival Effect and Splashing Waves!) [Limited to 3 per account]
11 Ice Puddings: 1 Splashing Waves! Effect [Limited to 1 per account]
15 Ice Puddings: 1 Summer Survivor Medal (will be anvil-ed with your choice of medal) [Limited to 1 per account]

A preview of these prizes can be viewed below.
Spoiler Show
[Image: 2uze3rq.jpg][Image: 11azeqs.png]
Splashing Waves! Effect

[Image: 2mn0r9w.png]
Summer Survivor Medal

Hope you have a great Summer; we'll see you in game!

Stay tuned for additional summer events!

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