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Quitting and final review

Well to some this is good news and to some this might be bad but I'm finally quitting Intrinsic and movin on but before that I wanna be able to put out my opinion on there as to what I loved and what I didn't appreciate too much about this server :

- the community : even though I loved the majority of it and had some great times, the other side did make me kind of angry but in the end I still love em. The community is really helpful and I hope that they stay that way as it's the best way to help newcomers stay and have a good time playing the game for what it is.

- the game itself : Even though I do believe the game to revolve around a dying concept, I'm glad I played it for the time that I was here for. Might be a little frustrating at times and some of us have voiced our concerns to try and make things better which is something that I can respect as I don't see a lot of the private server community try to make their server better. I think some of you deserve a pat on the back for what you've all done. Now I would write the reasons why I said that the game is just bound to have a dying fan-base but I think that we pretty much all know why. The rest of the game is truly fun and inventive and has it's unique little twist on the maplestory universe that makes it an original experience for all players for the time that they play.

- The staff : If anyone knows me enough and talked to me in private, you know that I have a strong opinion on the staff and do believe that some changes could be made. However I do wish them the best as I think they'll need it with some of the newcomers that have come to the server recently and for maybe the upcoming new people that are gonna come. If I had to say what I thought I would say that the staff could be a little bit more open to some ideas as they are presented by the players and I wish that they asked more questions to the players themselves as they have an opportunity to do that (either will polls on discord or even asking them in any way) but I can understand any logical reason why they might not be able to do such a thing.

Thanks :

- Ren : You're just here to troll me and I wish that you didn't. However I can't be mad at you. Thank you for helping me all those many times. <3 (if you realized it's one of the only sentence that's well constructed and that's well written, did it just for you)

- Karasu : you're one hell of a unique dude and ya made me laugh way more than once, I appreciate the times I had with you bud.

- Kero : I like ya, you're a good dude and one hell of a flamer, keep thinking the way you're thinking and don't be afraid to voice your opinion as I think your ideas can be amazing.

- Mike : stay toxic haHAA

To anyone that spent time with me and helped me in any way/shape/form I thank you for doing what you did.

Bye lul
Gonna miss ya man. I know this is gonna sound super cheesy but it won't be the same without you and your memes
Visit stream sometime
Sad to see you leave, Swan.

If it's any consolation, I think you'd make a good GM.
Admin & Web Developer of IntrinsicMS
PM me if you have any admin/website related questions.
seeya idiot
unfortunate to witness one of the most devoted members leave.
you know how to find me vic
Good luck!

#fundedbyswan memes stay strong!
Good bye Vic :^) i'll see you all day everyday

IGN: NoLimit 
Retired Intrinsic-Staff
Animator // GFX // Editor // Youtuber

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