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Banned's GM Application
Hello! My name is Hyun Soo Park, but you can call me Hyun. I am currently 20 years old doing my General Education hoping to transfer soon. I am currently residing in Los Angeles, California living out my life in Koreatown (think of it as a small Korea within LA). My Discord name is Banned#4198 and my IGN is also Banned. I wanted to apply as staff in this server because of the lack of GMs present within the game. There is an awesome summer event going on yet due to differences in time zones and schedule, players are not able to fully take advantage of the event. I want to be able to contribute changing that. Not only do I want to be there for the joy of hosting events, but I want to also maintain order within the server. Since the GM status is a privilege, I hope to use this privilege to serve the players.

While I may not know everything about Maplestory in general, I have a vast knowledge of the game as I have done plenty of research before. I am a semi perfectionist. So whenever I play a game, I try to extract information much as I can from other sources such as forums in order to be informed of contents and terms new to me. This is also the case for IntrinsicMS. It is very different from GMS, but I was able to learn a lot about this game in a short span of time. For example, I made a Bowmaster two weeks ago. It's level 260 with Jap set and all 3 totems. Using this knowledge, I can inform players and answer questions when needed. Another contribution I can give is my time zone and availability. Because I am available on different times than other GMs, there can be more GM presence throughout the game. Lastly, I love being involved in the forums. I want to be able to contribute as much as possible, so if needed, I can create guides and information for players who need it.

Time zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Availability: Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) 7PM - 11PM
                 Saturday Generally on the majority of the time
                 Sunday After 5PM

I am not a perfect individual and it may take a while for me to adjust to the responsibilities of being a GM, but I plan to learn as much as I can in order to promote a greater community. Thank you for your time.
Sorry for the belated reply. Thank you for applying and waiting till now.

Personally, I believe that many things can be learned on the job, so knowledge and duration of playtime thus far isn't much of an issue to me. I haven't actually heard of you trying out other classes seriously (like not just link skills because anyone can make a character to 120 without learning the class well), so a note to take would be to familiarise yourself with classes apart from just Bowmaster, because it significantly increases the efficiency to which you can answer class specific problems and suggestions.

On that note, I've noticed that you tend to reply suggestions and such using logic and math a lot (in the context of class buffs and nerfs). While I'm glad that you do so because it provides a clear picture of things, we all know that there's more factors and such than just purely skill % and other formulas, so regardless, extensive class testing would have to be done for a more effective class balancing. I can personally attest that it's a terribly annoying job to do, but it is one of our top priorities. That being said, should you get the Intern and maybe Game Master position, what would you be able to offer to help with this issue?

We have also increasingly had reports of people harassing and insulting others, using the words a little loosely here. I want to know what you consider behaviour in which the Staff should take action against (please give some hypothetical situations to aid understanding), and how you would deal with them. Also, expanding the question, we all know everyone here loves their fair share of memes and trolls, but when, in your opinion, do they cross the line? Once again, how would you handle this if it happens?

Events are the next concern; as you have mentioned, we do need to spread the event timings out a little due to timezones. However, another concern I have is the variety of events which we have. Also, as of now things are a little messy seeing as we have some events which reward immensely (*cough* Drop The Ring *cough*), making others pale greatly in comparison. May I know what kind of events you would be thinking of hosting, as well as prize ideas/scaling?

There's a couple more aspects to the job which isn't as glorious as it seems and many tend to overlook because they don't actually experience it. Examples include newbies lacking patience, individuals who are not fluent in English and a couple more. However, I do believe these are best learned through experience, and it is through that where we can also fully assess how you handle such situations, so just things for you to consider as to whether you would still be up for the task, and perhaps you could think of appropriate ways to deal with these issues in your own style while still adhering to the basic rules we have.

That's all I have to say for now, hope it helps you in solidifying your application and decision to apply. Sorry for the word dump, and thanks once again for applying!
Thank you for taking your time to reply to my application Ren.

After reading what you had to say, there were several things going on in my mind. The biggest of them all was, would I really be satisfied as a GM? Ultimately the answer that I came up with was no. So unfortunately, I will be retracting this application. However, I still do want to take the time to answer the questions that you have provided for me honestly and hope that some of my answers will be meaningful in some way.

Regarding other classes, you're completely correct. I haven't taken the time to main other classes other than BM. This was mainly due to my want of focusing on my progression with questing. This is because I didn't really know the contents beyond Pre-BB Lith Harbor. While familiarizing myself with other classes through practical means is definitely an important aspect, I chose to focus on familiarizing myself with future content instead. I thought that knowing all the contents of IntrinsicMS was a necessity, but as you said, being familiar with all the classes is important.

If hypothetically I were to become GM, there were several methods I planned to use in order to test the damage for all the classes. As you said, there are many calculations unaccounted for in my math when calculating the DPS for each classes. The only way to really test damage is to be practical with it. A science experiment. In the case I became GM (of course this is all theoretical and I don't even know this is possible), I would test the damages of all classes with the GM character by comparing the results using 3 different sets: Abyss, Sengoku, and Empress all with 21% stats. There would be 2 things I would be looking for: DPS and scaling of the class. I would test for DPS by first making a hypothesis of how fast this class would clear a certain boss based on the skills the class has and comparing that with the results. As there are instances boss timings are faster or slower than the other, I would record around 10 runs of the same boss in order to find the average boss timing. I would then test how much of a damage boost the class gets when equipped with a new equipment set. The results would be compared with all the classes and I would make a chart for highest DPS, boss timing, and scaling. Ultimately, I don't know if this method would even be effective, but that was what I had in mind originally.

Negative behavior is something common within any community. While there are definite clear signs of insults and harassment, is it right for a GM to intervene such matter as the middle man? From what I know, GMs must maintain neutrality in all situations and there are two sides of the story. Bias is definitely going to be present within statements. Let me present a scenario. There is a high school classroom setting with a bully, the bullied, and several other students along with the teacher. The bullied wants the bully to be expelled because of his constant harassment and negative behavior. He told about the bully's behavior to the teacher requesting that he be expelled. On the other hand, the bully claims that he was not bullying his classmate and that everything was a misunderstanding. The bully even claims that the other side was bullying him instead. Which side does the teacher take? Something similar to this can easily happen within the player community and the GM can't really do anything about it. GMs will be aware of the tension between players, but it will be up to the players to deal with interpersonal issues. Personally, I think freedom of speech of the players should be respected to a certain degree. On the other hand, explicit violations of ToS such as threatening the server and downright toxic behaviors can easily be managed with warnings and bans. Generally, some people already cross the line in discord and there may or may not be people offended by their message, but whether the message conveys trolling, memeing, or hostility is completely subjective. In a case where something like that happens, the issue should be discussed among staff to see different POVs and ultimately come to a conclusion.

The thing that makes event great is the enjoyment factor that comes along with it. Rewards are definitely nice things to consider, but working for that reward is even more rewarding. When I was a player in a different private server long before IntrinsicMS came out, I had participated in GM hosted events before. Those events were fun because of the random comments that would come out from the players and the GM interaction with the players. I earnestly worked hard for the event prizes, but never got them because I suck at JQs. Even though I didn't win, I still had fun. Ultimately, event rewards are special because they are only earned in events. If an event reward is handed out like candy, the incentive for participating becomes less meaningful. Event rewards shouldn't be game breaking, but at the same time should last an impact to the players. Does that make sense? I hope it did. This one was the most difficult to reply to.

Lastly, yes, the GM position is not glorious as it is a job.

"Jobs, are never fun." - Ester.

The GM position is very demanding and it could definitely make my relationship with this game feel jaded. After reading your reply, my fantasized image on GMs was broken. After thinking this through for a while, I realized that many things I want to accomplish can't be done through this job. I want to try my best in building communities as a player. I really don't know if I can succeed in this or not, but it brings me joy seeing people feel like they're involved. So, thank you for helping me solidify my decision in the end.
I genuinely feel it's a shame to see you retract your application, but I wholly understand why you chose to do so and am glad you thought it through. Thanks for still sharing your input to the questions I posed, they're definitely helpful. It would be nice to chat with you regarding some of these stuff privately, just in a chill sense, because they did pique my interest.
Regardless, hope you continue enjoying the server and I'll see you around! Should you ever decide you might be up for the task, you're always welcome to apply again.

Closing this thread.

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