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Scalable Chaos Bosses
Hey Nep, are you worried about people not having much content to do after finishing questlines and end up PQing forever until they're as high level as they can get? Well, here's an idea that could solve that:

Introduce Chaos versions of our expedition bosses (e.g. Horntail, PB, Emp), and then:
1. Allow the expedition leader to pick a level of the boss, basically its difficulty
2. Scale the boss to have enough HP/PDR/etc to be a challenge for a full party of 6 at that level, let's say takes an hour.
2.5. Add extra gimmicks of your choosing. By the way, you CANNOT punish death (death counter, heal on death) and have unavoidable deaths at the same time. More skill challenges and less luck please. Let the luck remain with drop rates and not for being able to kill the boss
3. Add drops (talked about below) that increase in drop rate as the difficulty increases.
4. Exp maybe.

We're going to need reasonable rewards if people are to do these. Here are my propositions:
1. Scrolling-related: MChaos, Innos, Clean Slate 10/20%s
1.5. New scrolls for faster scrolling and less praying: AEEs, CoG, ICoG (limited to 400+ perhaps), Superior Shielding Wards (for whenever Tyrants are a thing), Protection scrolls to +20 stars eventually or no boom EEs?
2. Philostones and Lidium to get people to try for higher Meister upgrades for once.
3. Boss-related equipment. For example, have Chaos Horntail start dropping Dragon Stones and Chaos Horntail Pendant if the difficulty is higher than 300.  You can easily add new sidegrade equipment with these bosses in the future too.
Important: Remember that some drops should only start dropping after a certain difficulty, and the drop rate of everything should increase as difficulty goes up to discourage just farming a low level Chaos boss. Also when making future content, you should put them at a difficulty for people WITHOUT rewards from these bosses.

Thus when people think they need a challenge, they can just challenge a boss at level 666 or whatever and then can boast about how high of a boss their squad killed.

I know you can already do scaling mob stats and block off drop rates for low level mobs, but I don't know if you have figured out how to scale extra drop rate based on level. It's something that has to be figured out before being able to implement this.

(By the way, did I take this idea from another game? Well, sort of. Diablo 3 Greater Rifts are of the same concept of "infinitely" scaling content to forever appease people who like to boast about their large numbers. Also shoutouts to Mike who thought of the initial idea.)

tl;dr: Pick your boss difficulty, rewards go up as difficulty does, stroke your ego at how high of a boss you beat.
I love the idea. I know this would take a very long time to implement(coding wise).

Maybe we can start small, by implementing a Chaos version of Pianus with a better emblem maybe?
Since we are trying to focus on team play here maybe allow the number of drops relative to the numbers of party members. To encourage team play.
For Example:
A boss will have the chance of dropping 3 Boss-related equipment when there are like 3 party members.
This is definitely something required within this game. If there are challenges with high rewards, it would definitely encourage more players to put in effort to "stroke their ego". This is a golden idea.
Haven't seen an idea I really liked in a while. I do feel it's about time we get scrolling methods better than ST and MCS (if anyone even uses these anymore).
I like this idea but it'll definitely take awhile to implement and balance

However, something that would be relatively easy to implement at this point would be this suggestion on PQs. e.g hard mode kpq
Oh, that doesn't sound bad for PQs in the meantime until you implement this whole idea Big Grin
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Could be implemented with Mu Lung dojo, considering how it already has a leader board, a reward shop which can be edited and leader board glove rewards.
I personally am not a fan of Dojo because the most of the bosses are boring HP sponges and don't have a personal gimmick like the expedition bosses do.

However, I'm still open to the idea of a scalable dojo just for solo DPM showing off and trading for scrolling tools. Party dojo needs some care to make sure it doesn't become a leeching option.
Please don't add MORE stuff to PQs, the game is already way too centered around PQs.s
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My vision of hard PQs is just for KPQ/LPQ/OPQ for extra increased familiar drop rates.

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