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Marksman V skill suggestion & fix
Currently the concept of the V skill is good (making high speed shot spammable but char cannot move), but when bossing, my high speed shot (w/o bullseye shot custom buff) can already consistently cap with jap gear, so there can be some damage loss.

My suggestion is to make the bullseye shot custom buff active when V skill is active, or make high speed shot do more lines but with less damage.

Also, when in a party, their V skill could freeze other party members when it is activated, thus making them unable to move unless you deactivate it. Fixing this would be great. Big Grin
Marksman just need changes in general ATM. They're absurdly powerful with very very little actual funding. Which makes them hit the cap far faster than any other class. Something about their damage calc needs to get toned down quite a bit before they get any changes that would outright benefit them, otherwise their power curve would oust every other class.

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