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Trying to compare class performance
If you've soloed Empress before, please fill out this form:

This way, we can have a better idea of what classes actually need buffs or more viable V Skills or what not.
Good idea to have a thread like this.

However, emp timings isn't the only thing that you should consider when actually making a decision on whether a class needs buffs or not. Mobbing is a huge part of this server, and certain classes have V skills which apart from bossing, also aids in mobbing. Therefore you have to take into account a class's mobbing/hitbox of their skills. Look at buccs, their bossing is superior to many classes on this server, but mobbing on it is a joke. Then there's classes like Arans which has amazing damage and a large hitbox which actually makes it superior in both mobbing and bossing
Nothing will be perfect, and it won't do us much to just nitpick at the methodology if you don't give a solution to the problem yourself. Something I was considering asking people to report is their Invasion solo times, but I'm not going to ask people to do that. Meanwhile, Emp has a mobbing part of the boss, so that's why I thought it was reasonable to use for now.

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