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Resistance: Bug Report Thread
Battle mage
Draining aura does not drain, heals on cast (not sure if this is intended but I'm reporting anyway)
Blue aura gives me 50% status ail resist but it seemingly doesn't actually work because I still get stunned, seduced, etc (with the aura I have 101% resist)

I'm not sure if this is a real bug or whether it's just by the fault of the player like myself, but the teleport results in random disconnects every now and then during combat. This also extends to Kanna as they have access to the skill. I have experienced very frequent disconnecting from both characters with the use of this skill, and I have heard that others also have this issue.

Hammer Smash - secondary effect glitches out the same way Aran's hyper does, no damage dealt and automatically recasts until dc
Hammer Smash - Bonus final damage debuff not applied
Magnum Launch - 'Error has occured with skill 37111005'
Combo Training 2 - When this buff times out, Arm Cannon Booster is sometimes* removed as well
Combo Training 2 - Some attacks are not buffed by combo training as the buff is constantly being refreshed
Advanced Charge Mastery - Using a charge skill does not reload 2 ammo
Cannon Overdrive - Dynamo Gauge Overheat duration is not reduced to 1 second
Hyper Magnum Punch - 3 different levels of charge doesn't seem to work
Status resist from Shield training and Shield training II aren't applied

Demon Avenger
Overload release does not add final damage at all, it heals me though, but that's kinda useless.
Buff: Ward evil

The buff should give 50% resistance, though I only get 30%. See the attached links to screenshots below.

Without the buff i have 15%:

With the buff i have 45%:

Status resist with Evil ward buff via @check:

Edit 2: I'm not really sure on this one, but the hyper passive skill 'Ward Evil - Immunity Enhance 1' should also add another 10% resistance, though I'm not really sure if this is already applied or if its like a permanent buff to 'Ward Evil' to increase resistance from +50% to +60%.
Demon wings (the demon glide skill) is broken, I can't break out of it once it starts.

Demon Slayer

Sometimes DF stuck at '1' . and it cant recover either normal attack or Cerberus Chomp.
Upon equipping "Black Force Shield", Demon Fury reduces to 110 instead of the normal 120.
Status resist from Black hearted strength isn't applied correctly


Full Spread Hyper skill doesn't work

Robot Mastery:
Idk if %dmg shows up in range but my range won't go up after I place down robots.  (It should raise robot damages passively)

HP/MP bug:
The skills that gives %HP/MP is and Extreme Mech.(Humanoid Mech itself gives 1500MaxHP/MP but I don't think it causes that problem).

1) Support Unit : H-EX is not working. do not see any increase dmg when summoned and near unit.
Status resist from Support Unit: H-EX isn't applied

Wild Hunter

-BackStep doesn't work.

- HP still not at 100% when using pots
Xenon's Multilateral doesn't add the status resist % in the @check.

3rd job skill :

Triangulation doesn't attach airframe on any attack.

Hybrid Defenses give fake avoid. When I activated it, although the my head popped out "Guard" when monsters hit me, but actually my HP bar is decreasing. Plus, it didn't increase the avoidability in the stats window.

- Buff Freezer doesn't bring over Manifest Projection, Hybrid Defenses and OOPArts Code when the character is revived.

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