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Game Update Update Log 24th June
- Removed premature V Skill notice
- Fixed Feline Berserk
- Rombots now automatically spawn in LPQ stage 7. You can now skip stage 7 by talking to the balloon twice. (Applied)
- Fixed Inferno Breath initial damage
- Fixed Marksman's V affecting party members
- Kaiser's majesty should now reset cooldowns
- Fixed Cosmic Shield not giving max HP/MP
- Fixed Invincibility not giving max HP
- The following bosses has had their cooldown removed : Zombie Mushmom, Stumpy, Crocell, Eliza, Faust, Ice Witch, Seruf, Rock Spirit, Snack Bar, Toto, Zeno Eclipse
- Kerning Tower Rescue added (Normal/Chaos modes) (Normal clears a quest requirement for content)
- Chaos Kerning Tower PQ added. Has a daily limit of 10. Has a chance to give various rewards.
- Added Kerning PQ Chaos mode. Level requirement 290+. Monster levels scale infinitely with party average. Exp reward capped at 330. Limited to 10/day. Has a chance to give various rewards. Has a higher drop rate for familiars
- @chooseskills now supports stolen hypers
- Nautilus Strike (Bucc) cooldown lowered
- Part 1 of Pre-bb Sleepywood Questline done
- Item Ignore now affects global drops

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