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Official Bug Reports
Please post all bug reports here.

Rules: (Failure to follow will result in a warning):

Only post bugs that you know exist, not just one time occurrences.
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My current job is Jett.

1) 4th Job Skill "Relentless" overrides Decent Sharp Eyes.
2) Hyper Skill "Bionic Maximizer" can be activated but no stats received.
3) 3rd Job Skill "Roll of the Dice" not working.
4) Decent Speed Infusion CAUSING ERROR 38 NOW.
5) Timeless equipment giving wrong job skills boost when leveled up. I get other job's skill boost +1 instead of Jett's.
6) Mesos and drop rate potential are not working. (It didn't add up to the mesos / drop % in @check)
7) Unable to scroll frozen items (drops by Demon Jiang) using vega 60%. (The UI will just hang there and when we change channel, the item is not scrolled)
8) Josh NPC does not recognise the armor for dex 60% scrolls from Lilin NPC.
9) Does not seems to see Boss Dmg % and Ignore Enemy Defense in the Bonus Potential. (Legendary Tier)
Assasinate (second part)
Hyper Skill Shadow Veil
doesnt register dmg eventhough the dmg is shown

Assasinate doesnt proc pickpocket
In Flornia beach: Warm sand  no mobs spawn at all which makes it so that you cant finish the flornia beach quest.




(02-01-2016, 11:33 PM)ishdoan123 Wrote: In Flornia beach: Warm sand  no mobs spawn at all which makes it so that you cant finish the flornia beach quest.



Until Lynx can reset the map himself, I'm afraid you're just gonna have to skip it for now. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Admin & Web Developer of IntrinsicMS
PM me if you have any admin/website related questions.
Unable to equip Transparent Katara.
Thunder Breaker:
3rd job,
Seawall: Is giving me 2 IED, and changes the colour of my crit as if I'm getting a buff, but doesn't change the number.  Kinda strange.

4th job,
Speed infusion: Does an animation, no other effect.
Typhoon: The damage portion works great. It is supposed buff all damage by a % per stack of lightning. We don't get that buff. (We probably don't need it, considering custom changes)

2nd job,
Poison Breath: Doesn't apply dot.
MP eater: I don't think it procs? I never noticed the animation, or saw my mp go up.

3rd job,
Poison Mist: Takes its sweet time poisoning a mob, at low level it sometimes fades before applying a dot to anything. (Probably minor, seems good at higher ranks)
Viral Slime: No effect. (I don't think I've ever seen this skill work on a private server tbh. Consider custom skill change, and/or disable putting points into it.)
Elemental Adaptation: D/C on cast.

Didn't get f/p to 4th job, because of some d/cing. Error 38s while fighting orbis mobs. Wasn't able to track down any specific reasons, but it might have only been happening while grinding mobs that have an elemental property, pretty much a guess though.

2nd job,
MP eater: see f/p

3rd job,
Teleport Mastery: Doesn't increase distance traveled. Shows damage to mobs, but no damage done.
Holy Fountain: Places a fountain, but press up near it does nothing.
Divine Protection: Does an animation, goes on cooldown, doesn't give a buff.
Mystic Door: d/c on cast

4th job,
Genesis: Doesn't affect Big Bang
Big Bang: Is not instant while genesis is on cooldown
Advanced Bless: [Minor] Casting Advanced Bless, and then casting Bless, shows both buffs on your screen, but gets rid of the effect of advanced bless. (It should get rid of the icon too?)
Can't get the Zombie's Lost Gold Tooth to refine the Eye of Fire from Adobis for Chaos Zakum because the maps are closed. Unless we're meant to get the return scrolls from the quest however I haven't tried because I assume the dead mine maps are closed for a different reason?

And the farmer in Yuyuan won't give any quests.
Talk to Heng Dun and he says to go talk to Chen Dao Min. Go talk to Chen Dao Min and he asks why I'm talking to him. None of the other NPCs work.
Some others have asked about this as well and Light confirmed it's not working.
[Image: 8791b6a36c.png]
[Image: 2dd2e01f94.png]
3rd Job skill: Aggressive Resistance not working
" : Instant DC when "Pain Killer" is used
Dualblade :

Got zero skill point for 2nd job skill page yet. ( currently 32levels)

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