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Official Downloading & Setup Guide
Thank you for choosing to try Intrinsic! This guide will serve to attempt to make the setup and downloading process as easy as possible.

You may notice that the file you are downloading is very large! In fact, it's around 7 GB, but fear not, it's all there for good reason.

First things first

If you are currently on Google Chrome please save yourself the trouble and download using Firefox, Internet Explorer, or a download manager.

Why? Many users have reported having network errors while using Chrome, often times having the download stop midway, which can be frustrating with a 7+ GB file.

If you're having unknown errors not on Google Chrome, visit the Discord chat and ask for help.


Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded IntrinsicMS! 

Before you begin, ensure that the following is true...

- You have WinRAR or 7Zip locate on your computer (I.E. you can open the file)
- Your anti-virus is 100% OFF (This includes real time protection and Windows Defender/Firewall)
- You have Microsoft .NET latest version installed

Assuming all that is TRUE you can begin to extract the contents of the .rar in a central file.

Once that is done, you are free to run the Intrinsic client.

Should any errors pop up, refer to this guide:
Admin & Web Developer of IntrinsicMS
PM me if you have any admin/website related questions.

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