Liyu's Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

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Hello everybody, I'm Liyu. I thought it would be nice to share some of the tips and tricks that I gathered from leveling my characters. I am by no means an expert or veteran player, as my highest level character is still almost 200. Any contributions and corrections would be greatly appreciated! Especially those of you who has better tricks than the ones I found. I will try to continue to update with new tricks that I find.

  1. When choosing a class, it is important that you pick a class that you would enjoy playing.  However, it is noteworthy to mind the following elements when picking a class:
    1. Monsters and bosses have much higher damage reduction.  It may be useful to have a class that has built-in IED, mind its base skills as well as the Intrinsic unique skill changes.  For the same reason, having a Luminous for its link skill is also quite useful (I think link skills work?).
    2. In Intrinsic, you will be doing a lot of mobbing and bossing.  Sometimes you might need to deal with mobbing while bossing. It may be useful to pick a class that can help you in many regards.
  2. You can return to town via return scroll from merchant or doing @fm then @return.  Up to you which way you prefer, it makes completing quests much faster.
  3. You can hotkey red pills and blue pills.
  4. At Lith Harbour, collect 10 red shells to save a trip when going to Henesys later on.
  5. At Florina Beach, talk and complete the quest of the middle girl, the right girl, then the left girl.
  6. You can’t get the Kerning City warp data without getting your ass scammed.
  7. When going to Nautilus, collect 30 blue ribbons on your way to save a trip.
  8. At Utah’s pig farm, press up on the farthest hay bale from you, that is accessible to you.
  9. When obtaining warp data, there are certain normal quests (not custom) that you can do.  Some don’t take too long and give good exp, others take too long or give barely any exp, some you simply cannot do.  Take your own judgement on it whether or not it is worth doing. The earliest example of which is Spiruna’s quests in Orbis.  You can complete two of her quests alongside the main quest, and her last quest will give you tons of exp simply by talking to her.  
  10. At Orbis, gather 100 Cellion and Grupin tails, from the red and blue monsters to save a trip.  The most convenient place to do this is during Eliza boss pq, although the mobs are little higher level and harder to kill.
  11. Bring a couple all cure potions at Orbis.  You won’t need too many of them for now, but having a few for the Eliza and Papa Pixie boss fight makes it a little less annoying.
  12. If there’s a fast way down the Orbis Tower, I haven’t found it yet.
  13. At Aqua Road, collect 50 baby seals and 50 poison poppa’s needle on your way to Aquarium to save two trips.
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