Terms of Service

Welcome to IntrinsicMS. By registering an account in-game or on the forum, you agree to the information found within this thread. A few notes to begin:

  • The terms listed within are subject to change without notice, major changes may be announced but there is no guarantee. It is your responsibility to check this thread frequently for updates.
  • Ban durations serve as a guideline for how long a person may generally be banned for breaking that specific rule, they are not a guarantee that you will be banned for that duration. It is ultimately up to the moderator who bans you as to how long you are banned for. No two moderators are the same. Tread carefully.
  • Offenses will be broken down into tiers. You can read more here.
  • Just because a moderator chose to be lenient with one person does not mean they have to choose to be lenient with you. Favoritism is another topic, any suspicion of favoritism should be reported immediately.
  • Ignorance of the information provided here will never serve as an excuse.

In Game Rules


Hacking is defined as any attempt to alter the MapleStory files or the IntrinsicMS client. Any use of packet editors, trainers, or other hack tools is strictly forbidden. Any attempts to edit WZ files (wz editing) is also strictly forbidden.

Real World Trade/Real Money Trade

Any attempts to sell/purchase your IntrinsicMS items or currency for real currency or possessions, or currency or items in other games is strictly forbidden.


Scamming is any attempt to knowingly make an unfair trade, or outright steal another person's items, currencies, or services. This rule is subjective, please be honest and straight forward in your dealings with other players on IntrinsicMS.

Bug Abuse & Exploiting

All bugs should be reported here. Any major bugs or exploits should be reported privately to an administrator immediately. Any attempts to abuse or take advantage of a bug or exploit are strictly forbidden. (This includes VP abuse - see reply below)

Other Game Rules

  1. Botting - We have no quick and reliable way to tell whether you are using an object of any kind to weigh down your keys, using macro or botting tools, or just not paying attention. It is your responsibility to respond to players, staff, and lie detectors. If you fail to respond, you will be banned.
  2. Kill Stealing - If you do not own a map, do not attack on it. It is that simple. A moderator may decide to warn you on your first offense depending on the situation.
  3. Harassment/Verbal Abuse/Racism - Harassment is by nature a very subjective term. To keep it simple, be nice to your fellow players. There is also no need to swear at another player. Everyone loses their temper sometimes. Please do not attempt to harass and/or swear at a player to a point where they feel it is necessary to report you. This rule also covers racism. Please refrain from saying anything directed at a certain ethnic group or make racist jokes. Some people take offense to it more than you think.
  4. Impersonation - Any attempts to impersonate a staff member or another player are forbidden. Bans will depend on the severity of the case.
  5. Discussion of the use of hacks/third-party programs - Discussion of the not allowed. If you are found discussing such things, you will be banned. Depending on what the moderator handling your case feels, you may be banned permanently. This is a very 'flex' rule, meaning it will depend heavily on what was said, and who is banning you.
  6. Advertising - Discussion of other MapleStory private servers, 'Black Markets' (i.e. RMT websites), websites that advertise hacks or bots for games in general, etc. is strictly forbidden. Advertising such things over megaphones will, generally, be a permanent ban.
  7. Rumors - Any attempts to start rumors about a person, or the server, is forbidden. Rumors should always be reported. This rule is very subjective, meaning a moderator may choose to not ban a person or to ban them permanently depending on the situation.
  8. Giveaways - Giveaways that encourage public spam, i.e. over super megaphones, are disallowed. If you wish to host such an event, please include 'send responses via whisper' or something similar in your megaphone.
  9. Account sharing - Sharing accounts at all is not allowed, if you lose items or lose access to your account due to sharing your information you will not be compensated. Bans will vary based on the situation.
  10. Fake Bidding - Fake bidding is when a seller says someone offered on an item that they did not, in an attempt to raise the current offer.
  11. Super Megaphone Spam / Inappropriate Use of Super Megaphone System - Spam using the Super Megaphone system is not allowed, especially if multiple people are spamming three-line super megaphones. Using the Super Megaphone system to flame, troll, or harass users in any way, directly or indirectly, will not be tolerated. Disgusting, lewd, or otherwise inappropriate content via this system will also not be tolerated.
  12. Multi Accounting - You may not have more than 1 (one) account per IP. You may also not play on an account on more than one computer (HWID).                  


  • Forum Rules

    The following rules apply specifically to the forum. All of the rules above apply to the forum as well.

    1. Please construct posts and threads in English only. Posts/threads in other languages will be deleted. Private Messages and visitor messages in other languages are allowed.
    2. Explicit content, i.e. nudity, drugs, violence, hateful content, etc. will be deleted. Avatars containing nudity will be removed.
    3. Please post in the correct sections. Posts may be moved otherwise.
    4. Please keep your signature reasonable, large images will be resized or deleted.
    5. Please do not create posts with the sole purpose to flame or insult a user.
    6. Stay on topic; off topic posts will be deleted, and you may be infracted.
    7. You are limited to one 'bump' per thread per 24 hours.
    8. Do not use URL shorteners, ad money generating or otherwise. Examples of this include bit.ly, goo.gl, adf.ly, bc.vc, etc.
    9. Advertising of IntrinsicMS ANYWHERE without express permission is cause for an immediate ban both here and in game.

    Bans and infractions are up to the moderator involved, any suspicion (as with in-game) of unfairness or special treatment should be reported.

    Ban Appeal Policy

    For each ban you are allowed one chance at appeal. You can appeal here. You can find the ban appeal format here. Bans that do not follow this format will be deleted, you may choose to remake it following the correct format. An appeal may be denied for any reason, or for no reason at all.

    Compensation Policy

    You are responsible for your account information. Sharing your information is strictly forbidden. If you share your information and lose access to your account or items because of it, you will not be compensated. All credit purchases are final (more information below), refunds will not be issued. Our servers encrypt user information and store it securely.

    • If you share your account information you will not be compensated if you lose your items.
    • If you are 'hacked', i.e. keylogged, phished, etc. and can prove it, we will attempt to recover your items.
    • If you are scammed you may be compensated by the scammer, we will not compensate beyond that.
    • If you lose your items because of a bug, we usually will not compensate. We will decide on a case-by-case basis.

    Refund Policy (Donations)

    1. Please be advised that donor points are obtained via donations to Intrinsic; not a purchase. You are not entitled to a “refund” because you completed a donation out of courtesy.
    2. Once donation points (virtual currency here at Intrinsic) are transferred to your game account your donation cannot be reversed.
    3. All credits obtained via donations are final. No return, exchange, price adjustments, or cancellations will be permitted.
    4. Please note that we have the right to suspend our game service at any time. You will not be entitled to a refund were this to happen.
    5. We take fraud seriously, if you commit fraud and if we suspect that you are committing a fraud transaction, we notify the IC3 and refund the payment as soon as possible.
    6. We have the right to shut down our service at anytime; we also have the right to deny service to anyone. If this were to happen there would be no refunds given; this "donation" is again out of courtesy to us.
    7. If you charge back or attempt to charge back, your game account will be banned and in extreme cases your private/public info will be used and given to the authorities.

    Please note items listed in the TOS are not the only things staff members can ban for. It is entirely at the choice of the staff member if they believe a ban/warning is warranted for any other action.

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