Angelic Buster V Skill Suggestion

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AB doesn't have a V-Skill currently and it is pretty balanced with decent bossing / weaker mobbing Pre-V Skill. However, as it progresses to late game, it's pretty hard to contribute to the party due to the squarish hit box / 4 lines of mobbing damage with slow attack animations. Usually when I'm doing kill / drop quests with other classes, the speed at which I complete the quest is about 3-4x the time taken by the rest


  1. Trinity combo stacks only increases damage for Trinity and not for Celestial Roar. For bosses like Emp which spawns multiple mobs, Trinity as a single target bossing skill cannot be used. Therefore, could the current stacks for Trinity be shared between both Celestial Roar and Trinity such that using either of them will increase the stack, as a permanent change to the job? Similar to Mercedes, for the vskill, the max stacks could be increased to 25 stacks


  • Not possible to share the boost with other skills

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    Alternatives would be

    1. Magical girl like clone (shadow partner reskinned?) that does a certain damage %

    2. FD boost because I honestly have no idea what else can help with the class right now

  • Spawn extra Supernovas

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    It spawns at a fixed centralised location / damage doesn't register sometimes, which is why I am hesitant to suggest anything relating to the black hole. Doesn't help much w late game content as well since bosses have to be cornered usually. But I've ran out of ideas / welcome new ideas 😂

  • Instead of giving AB only FD boost, maybe its better to give them something similar to Cannoneers lv150 Hyper skill Buckshot or shadow partner. Most of AB's attacks are 4 lines or less. This makes their late game a lot better.

  • The reason I suggested that was because you said AB's mobbing was really lacking, but I also think AB's bossing is good enough as it is. That being said, I'm not the AB player so I wouldn't know as well.

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    I'd say it's good early to mid game, arguably one of the better early game classes, but right now my bossing is actually lacking even compared to other supposedly mobbing classes too. The disparity is becoming increasingly pronounced at the current late game invasions and bosses, which is why I suggested an all rounded boost. Black Hole is honestly a viable suggestion, and I did consider suggesting that, but half the time I can't position it where it is needed esp on those weirdly shaped maps :/

    I don't want it to be stupidly OP as well, just something to at least make it such that the current content is actually manageable.

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    Yeap both are viable suggestions which I think will be good for AB since we only have 3~4 lines on both mobbing n bossing skills, balls aside. FD is honestly at the bottom of my list and just there because I am currently braindead + it's the easiest to implement.

  • Wen AB V :')

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