Paladin buff/ V skill

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As paladin mobbing is horrible pre 5th job and being tanky has no value in this server. Blast skill for bosser is quite weak or decent at best, comparing to my i/l with alot less stats and bd does more damage in total. Literally no one is playing paladin atm.

4th job skill - Heaven's Hammer: Decrease CD and remove the 30% dmg increased when attacking a boss. As Heaven's hammer dont have that great aoe range compare to other class so i dont see the issue.

Hyper skill - Smite shield: Decrease CD and remove the debuff from it, nerf the dmg of it. I dont really see why we have triple dmg buff from it when it has 2 min cd? its useless.

Divne charge/lightning charge: Increase range of these , since it has low range and it's a main mobber skill.

Advanced Charge Passive: Increased attack count of blast: +2 -> +4 and charge skill: +1 -> +4

V Skill - Custom Buff: Increased % final dmg or attack % on any buffs.


  • Removed V skill and changed some stuff

  • You mob by using rush and spamming charges. If you want a mobbing class you should make one like everyone else (Kanna etc) not asking for 0 cd aoe skills. It dilutes the advantages of mobbing classes. Pally's tankiness may shine if Nep ever decides having more ways to bypass 99% autohp.

  • kinda agree with Drake 0cd skills imo are bad for the server/balances pallys tend to be more of a tanky bossing character then for mobbing

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    I dont see any point being tanky in this server, and this server needs both mobbing/bosser class to shine well through questlines and endgame. I doubt most would want to make a bosser class to lvl 300+ and a mobber to 300+? that would consume too much time. It would be another story if you could change class from like paladin to hero or drk for a price.

    By your logic we should remove merecedes spamable hyper, demon cry from ds is spammable too. Why do you think we have almost no paladin in this server? Also heaven's hammer dont have big aoe at all.

  • We dont have any pally cuz no1 likes to play it. Pally isnt popular in normal servers either.

    You probably know very well of pally's mobbing capability but yet u still play it and now you are complaining about it. Why?

    If pally gets spammable hammer, might as well make drk have spammable roar, hero have spammable shout (which was removed). Then, other people would complain about not having similar treatment and the spiral continues (people will be asking for spammable genesis, meteor, comet etc).

    Yes, most wouldnt make a mobber, but some do. And theyre rewarded for it. S1 top kannas gain 4mil nx per min.

    I'm not opposed to having lower CD (300-ish is atrocious) but i do oppose of stuff being spammable.

    PS: Never agreed on spammable demon cry.

  • Paladins in normal server is actually fun due to better mobbing thanks to V hammer. I am trying to make this class more viable for this server. Idk about drk, but hero has perma enraged which both mobber and bosser is actually good. There are so many class that has huge advantage than others in both term of mobbing/bossing.

    But if removing cd is not a solution then reducing greatly on both Heavens hammer and smite shield should make paladin more viable atleast and probably more people will play it.

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