Pink Bean Bugs

edited January 26 in Bug Reports

1st job:

Let's Roll: Upon entering a map, the sound effect of the roll starts and won't stop until the skill is used. This can also compound between multiple maps

Pink Bean Power: RESETS EFFECT AFTER 250, instantly losing 250% damage, 50 CR and 125 WAtk. Have not checked if skill multipliers are also affected

2nd Job:

Let's Rock: Whistle DoT does extremely little damage

Chill Out: If Meat buff is used, mousing over buff icon crashes client. Meat buff doesn't heal.

Sky Jump (Pogo): Hitting from the air does no damage (131001208 level is 0)

3rd Job

Instant Garden: No CD on skill, but each plant has individual CDs (intentional?) Fixed

Everybody Happy!: INVINCIBILITY GIVEN DURING FULL DURATION OF BUFF!!! (only supposed to be 3 secs)

4th Job

Go, Mini Beans!: Whatever you did for this, keep it as a "feature"

Pink Pulverizer: Cooldown is reduced in UI but not for the skill itself, allowing the use of the skill but gets "Skill is on cooldown" messages and does no damage until the server CD is over


  • Updated with a serious issue that prevents PB from being viable post-250.

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