Buff phantom link skill

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Right now many classes can't get 100% crit which makes us deal very inconsistent damage, most of the time half our dmg. Shade only gets 15% passive crit, ds get 20%, I know that kaisers and mechs also can't cap.

Make phantom link skill give:

  • Level 1 - 10% -> 25%
  • Level 2 - 15% -> 50%
  • Level 3 - 20% -> 100%

That way you don't have to bother buffing every class with crit%, as they can get it with just doing their links.


  • disagree, not every class should get 100% crit, classes should be balanced partially based on their crit rate (not sure if this is currently the case, kind of doubt it tbh). if u want to cap crit play thief or cube crit lines.

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    How is it balanced if my crit attacks are dealing the same damage like all other classes, but they have max crit, and my non-crit are dealing half the damage? in GMS you can easily get 100% crit on every class, but most of the ways to get crit in GMS does not work here.

  • i also disagree gives class that have high crit a disadvantage rather make it so inner's were rollable to force a slot for classes that want it

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    How do classes with high crit have a disadvantage, they don't have to suffer dealing half the dmg and don't have to bother getting crit lines on your weapon/2ndry or emblem where you could've gotten att/bd/ied%.

    Also yes, I also thought of maybe adding other ways to get crit, but this is just an easy and fast solution to implement and still require you to do something to get it.

  • not a fan of "Quick fix" rather have long term fixes =)

  • An alternative source of crit will be added SoonTm

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