CBD Boss Shao

Make a place to get to shao instead of having to

1 Search every map see if Shao is even in the maps

2 See if Shao is "Null" others dont count or just make it so all count that would fix this aswell

3 Hope other's havent killed Shao before you

4 Fail and check other channels

5 just skip it because cant find boss


  • I don't see the problem, if you kill the non-null shao a new one spawns in different map, do that till you get null. Rarely takes more than 5 shao kills to get the real one.

  • Hmm I guess I just didn’t know the shao mechanics then so if you kill 1 then it respawns elsewhere? No cd to spawn or anything like that?

  • When you kill a fake shao, it litteraly says in the middle of the screen something about shao surviving and running away to another map.

    Also when you enter a map where shao is located, the BGM changes.

  • people play with sound?

    also it says "MAY" again pretty sure theres a cd for the spawn not always 100% up

  • Shao will definitely reappear in one of the maps between central way 1 to the truckers map as long as you kill the fake one. It's just really tedious but so far I haven't actually not managed to find Shao.

    Unsure about the CD after you kill the real one because I haven't actually encountered this situation. There's no CD for the spawn after you kill a fake one though, just gotta search every map thoroughly

  • Fix shao so that the real ones don't say (null) anymore and we can't tell them apart again.

  • I agree, you should't be able to tell them apart, thats the whole idea of it.

  • if you play without sound you can do @checkdrop and see all monsters in map, if shao is in map then she will appear in there

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