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The current Donor shop is outdated and some items are way overpriced, Some shouldn't even be in there. I think we may all agree that the Donor shop must be revamped, In both price and items.

Common section:

NX items shouldn't be that expensive to get, Considering you can spam NX you get any of them, It simply for the lazy people who want to slack. Price should go down to around 200DP per items.

Both Deluxe Android are overpriced if you consider that you can craft them, Price should be Halved on them.

Onyx Apple, Mastery book 20/30, Aura Pendant & Ring should be removed from the Shop.

Android Heart, Their price is ridiculously high, I mean 35$ for a titanium heart is abit overpriced. I think all heart price should be reviewed.

Special items: I'm not sure what Red tickets does, so i can't really say anything about this part.

Is Item vac really necessary in Intrinsic, We already have autoloot, If you don't want to remove it you might want to review the price of it, I don't know anyone who bought one since the beginning on Intrinsic.

Additional pendant slot are mandatory to get both stats & Drop rates in our gear, In the current Donor price market, They are 1k for 30days and 3k for perma. I think price should be Halved on both.

I think for the most part, Donor Shop was pretty bad in many way. Pretty sure changing few things will make people want to donate more, In my part i can't think of donating in the current state of Donor shop.

If you have any idea of stuff that could be added or tweaked, Be free to post below.


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    I don't mind if the items in donor shop will be cheaper, but I know many people including me already bought a lot of the stuff.

    The only NX item you can get from Abyss buster that is in donor shop is the helia necklace (which imo should be removed from abyss buster). The rest you can't get from her. Well technically you can get some transparent items, but those do not have 5 watt/matt.

    I agree with deluxe android, it should either be cheaper or just removed because you can easily craft it.

    Also agree on Onyx apple, mastery books and the pend/ring.

    Android heart is alright, 1000 DP =/= 10$. The more you donate, the more DP you get. You can see in how much DP you get when you donate.

    Red tickets are useless. The only useful thing I know it does is TP you to the 3 different locations in Temple of Time.

    Item vac is VERY USEFUL, the price on it is alright. Item Vac is more for lazy people like me. WEN PERM ITEM VAC

    Additonal pendant slot is IMO pretty expensive yeah, because you can get it with voting.

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    • The price of the tit heart is fine, if you don't want to donate, you can always buy from donors who have spare DPs. The rates do get better the more you donate.
    • Red tickets were used mainly to farm shaman earrings, you can use the danger zone taxi to get to the deeper parts of ToT quickly. Also used for faster means of transportation on other maps I guess. No one actually uses it because it is rather overpriced
    • Additional Perm Pendant is extremely costly through VPs, so honestly, it is quite reasonable to have it at 2-3k DPs. Speaking of VPs, it should be 6 per day as it was in S1, 3VPs per day now is extremely ridiculous
    • "Onyx Apple, Mastery book 20/30, Aura Pendant & Ring should be removed from the Shop" - true, they're useless
    • Loads of donors have already bought the NX items at 700dp. It'll be hard for Nep to compensate those who have already bought them. They have a +5 wa/ma on them, so the DP NX items are actually different from the Abyss Buster ones (Helia aside). Helia necklace should be removed from the DP shop, so F2P players can actually have some stat NX items.
    • Chair Gachas - Super overpriced in the DP shop, but players can just get them via VPs or EPs instead so might as well just remove it / make it 20DPs each. It's also nice to have some donor specific chairs mentioned by SL below
    • Item vac is incredibly useful. I do agree that the current rates for Tetris is slightly overpriced considering the duration on them. Either have a 1-month tetris piece at a reasonable rate (1.5k dps) or just have Perm Vac at 10k onwards. PERM ITEM VAC WEN.
    • Considering the only "P2W" item (by P2W, I mean there's significant stat increase) is the heart, the other DP items are just QoL improvements for Donors. Even the Secondary pendant can be obtained via EPs or VPs, so it isn't donor restricted. I believe Nep's aim isn't to make the server P2W. Right now, people just get the heart or heart + secondary pendant and they're done.
  • Chair gachapon ticket is priced at 200 dp while it could be obtained with 2 vp. Either the price needs to be reviewed or the dp tickets should draw from a different pool of chairs that are dp exclusive.

    For the cash items, I feel that they are at a decent price but they should be exclusively obtained through the donor store. (The above image is a bugged cape that works exactly like the transparent cape bought from the dp shop obtained from Abyss Buster).

    Onyx apple can be bought with 5m mesos but currently is sold for 500 dp.

    The price and stats of the aura ring and pendant seems illogical compared to the grin ring and hellia necklace.

    Things that i would suggests adding are damage skin slots and any form of gacha be it mount, pet or basically anything exclusive.

  • I think the NX items are fine, due to the fact that they give extra stats. What leaves to be desired though, is that you are locked to the specific items. Maybe there should be a choice to add the same amount of stats to a NX item of choice? That would make it more interesting for the people, when they can look however they want, while still having those stats.

    Besides that I think there need to be alternatives available, though I'm not sure if there are already. It sounds like there are already a few items but I don't know if it goes for all slots that the DP shop covers. Like the NX items with stats from Gacha, else it could be seen as a form of p2w or balancing content around donors, as the stats can't be obtained in any other way than donating. Alternatively it could be an item of choice but with something that you have to grind a bit, like PQ points or something.

    Fully agree with the apples, books and aura rings, as they seem like "bait" items. People might buy them and think they are super rare or something until they discover that they aren't hard to obtain at all.

    I have to disagree with the Aura pendant, if I remember right, it gives a bit more stats than the NX one, so it has more "value" than the regular option.

    Item vac I think is quite good when you want to be lazy and just farm with classes like Demon Slayer or Luminous where you hit in a big range and are too lazy to pick up the items, and it probably saves time too. Whether it is required to have it on the server at all though, well I would say it's up to the person to decide how they spend their money, as long as it isn't a rip-off.

    Maybe Frenzy Totems could be added to the donor shop or just the Monolith skill itself? They give a skill that should work like Kanna's kishin. I don't know how good the totems in-game are though, so the skill option would maybe be better.

  • Someone suggested Frenzy totems in S1 and was declined by Nep, highly doubt he'd approve of it now too LOL.

  • It seems more like a convenience thing so yeah. Could just set up a 2nd computer and use kishin every few minutes and achieve the same or not? But oh welp.

  • Having multiple accounts is not allowed

  • The fact that people buy them means there isnt any need to reduce the price imo. I do agree on some of the dp item being useless as the other means of getting them are far better.

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