GM Bell's Event - Helping Hands

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Hybrid: (Offline+Online) = Quite a bit of effort and work

Duration: Dec 13 2019 - Dec 31 2019

Summary: A promotion video is in the works for this server and projected to be premiere on the first day of the next year. We would like YOUR help in collecting footage of simply your own game play regardless of your class and of your progression.

How to participate: Simply download a screen capture/record app and start recording your gameplay. Then please select your BEST footage/shots and post onto Youtube and share the link in the video section of forums.

Desire contents:

- All classes will have a segment/be featured

- 3rd job, 4th job and hyper skills being used / demonstration

- Boss fights of every warp data point

- PartyQuest Gameplay

- Try to be aware of the background/ scenic in a sense

- Please dress up your character with cosmetics and have a style you feel you rock with

Rewards for participation (everyone who submits):

1 food gach ticket and 3 chair gach ticket

Rewards for footage being chosen ( peoples' video that is feature in the video):

2 food gach ticket 5 chair gach ticket

Rewards for best footage/content to be used in video (the one individual that has the best content or footage is feature the most) :

2 food gach ticket and chair of choice

I will review submissions on Youtube and PM you on discord to record something specific if I think you can help

Extra 1 food gach ticket and chair gach ticket

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