QoL Demon Slayer Buffs

As it stands, Blue Blood's buff duration is 120 seconds, which is really nice as it is originally 60 seconds, however it is really frustrating that I find myself having to re-buff myself "twice" as much, as Booster's duration is 180 seconds (and then whatever decent buffs are at 240 seconds). Because they are different times, I have to rebuff once at the 120 second mark, and then again at the 180 second mark, then rinse and repeat from there.

I feel like if Blue Blood's duration was matched to be the same as Booster, it would be really nice to not have to constantly double buff myself, I could just spend one time to rebuff myself, then fight for a set amount of time until I need to completely rebuff again. Even a midpoint of like 150 second duration for both BB and Booster would be cool IMO.

Any other suggestions would be great, but this is what's been really pressing on my mind for a while!

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