Pink Bean Suggestions

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  • Chill Out (first job buff): Should just give 50 IED, which doesn't even work right now and is what is most needed. 20% Atk and 80% extra status resist would be nice but I don't want to overdo it, especially with all the things he already has, or maybe just half of everything at once. Also allow it to break speed cap with PB's hilarious 7 attack speed passive since he doesn't have a booster skill.
  • Make sure Pogo gets the 70% FD bonus on boss when it gets fixed, though I doubt it will be used as a boss skill as doing this asks to get rocks in the face Forget this, Pogo just sucks and needs like a 3x boss damage boost to even be comparable with basic attack
  • Instant Garden should ONLY spawn Posie, as Breezy sucks and Pretty's effects are disabled
  • If Pretty is spawned, reset Instant Garden's CD.
  • I don't know what you did with the Mini Beans, but I prefer it the way it is now. Keep the "bug" and make it a "skill change"
  • Should probably fix that perma invincibility buff.
  • One of PB's future skills is to make 3 clones of 15% Final Damage each for 45% extra FD. Not sure if PB really needs a 1.45x multiplier. EDIT: AS OF LEVEL 245 I DON'T THINK HE NEEDS THIS, AT LEAST FOR MOBBING. BOSSING NEEDS THE BUFF.
  • V Skill: Don't worry about this yet, but maybe those clones mentioned above or allow spawning unlimited (or 15) mini beans. The unused skills are too much work probably. I vote for more minibeans as bossing is more of a struggle and it also helps with yoyo charges and genesis CD (if it worked)

Justifications, if you care about it:

What Pink Bean will have from passives at level 250 (DUE TO A CURRENT BUG, ALL OF THIS GETS REMOVED AT LV251):

  • Attack Speed +7 (lol?)
  • 50 Crit Rate
  • 250% damage (!)
  • +125 WAtk (!)
  • 20 IED
  • 20 Status Resist

Most used attacks:

  • Yoyo at 1100% x3 = 3300% and 1400% x3 4200%.

Comparison: DS's Demon Impact at 460*7*1.2 = 3864% after Hypers

  • Mini Beans: With 3 out, about an extra 450% per two seconds (and ignores PDR as bug?). This is the majority of PB's damage right now.


  • Roll: 650% x2 = 1300% Hurricane with 25s CD
  • Genesis: 1450% x6 = 8700% with 50 CD (should be effectively 25 when working properly)
  • Posie (the slappy plant, only one that matters): ~1300% per second for 10 seconds, 30s CD.

Skills that were added later in GMS but not in here:

  • Scooter: Just a mount to run over mobs
  • Pink warrior: +50% all stats to the party (LMAO)
  • Pink shadow: 3 clones of 15% FD each
  • Go Pink Beans: FIlls the map with 10 clouds that do 1000% continuously?
  • Tutu: it's just like Phantom's Tempest, 750%x3, doubled after 5 seconds
  • Twilight of Gods: 45s summon that summons the 5 statues. 180s CD


  • Probably doesn't need any extra buffs, just needs some QoL and bugfixes
  • Decent at mobbing while stopping every 3 seconds or so to recharge yoyos unless Posie is out
  • No bossing skills (Pogo doesn't work and barely counts), all bosses are struggles. Best thing are the mini beans
  • Abysmal IED due to other IED things disabled
  • HAS A PERMA INVINCIBILITY BUFF. (still gets hit by rocks and status)
  • Free damage and WAtk likely means really poor scaling in endgame
  • Capable of AFK farming!

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