Hero's Ranging blow

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Can you make it so that mob killed by ranging blow die faster?

They took so long to die that its hard to tell whether the mob had die or not, and since the mob here doesnt flinch when hit, they will die in the idle animation or running animation instead of the being-hit animation, which makes them even harder to tell.


  • isn't this because it hits 15 lines and you have to wait for all the lines to appear first before the mob dies? not really sure if you can fix that.

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    yes, thats what make them die so slow.

    The second paragraph was to explain why it is so hard to tell, also if the mob cant die faster, they could make them look difference.

    Like in normal server, the mob would die in the hit animation and stay in it until the all numbers are shown (some high line number skill also darken their sprite a bit) . This server however, the mob have no such animation (they felt like they have super armor all the time XD). They actually move forward a bit and continue the walking animation before dying.

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