Party Play Suggestions

Since quests are extensive, it may be ideal to add the following suggestions:

Party Play:

Evenly Distributed etc. drops (I understand this may take a while d/t the amount of etc items from various quests)

  • This way people aren't fighting over drops and can progress together if it is friends playing together.

Quality of Life:


  • Attack Speed
  • Total % Stat

Fix @cashdrop

  • it can get a little annoying when you get stuck and have to keep relogging after dropping 18+ cash items


  • I found a way not to get stuck while dropping cash items, I always buy 15 items and drops them, It doesn't matter how fast i'm pressing it doesn't stuck me. Weirdly that works for me, although it is not a permanent fix.

  • @ check for attack speed 0w0

    cause i kindda wanna know 030~

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