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You can get to Perion through FM/Intrinsic Crossway.

Talk to Dances with Balrog in the Warrior's Sanctuary and click on "A Serious Talk with Dances with Balrog"

to start the questline. Each time you complete a quest, you'll talk to him again to get the next.

* Proving Yourself   

- Kill 50 Stumps

- Gather 20 Tree Branches

* Luxury Water     

- Gather 30 Firewood

- Gather 5 Ancient Tree Sap

* Gusty Peak Hotel   

- Kill 60 Ghost Stumps

- Gather 30 Seedlings

* Gusty Peak Hotel II   

- Kill Stumpy

Talk to Warrior Job Instructor at Gusty Peak to enter the PQ to kill Stumpy.

Break the 2 mysterious rocks at the top of the first map to remove the Jr. Boogies.

There's 2 additional maps you'll have to clear within the first map before you can enter the portal at the top right.

Stumpy drops a useful overall so be sure to have some equip slots open before killing him.

Go back and talk to Dances with Balrog for the Perion warp data.

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