Florina Beach

Go to Lith Harbor and talk to Olaf for the quest to unlock Florina Beach

* Treasure Map

  • Gather 2 Paper with Strange Markings

Make a party and click on the Door of Dimension in Forest Trail 1

Click on the boxes inside for a chance of a paper to drop.

Forget about the whole first map and go in this portal in the mid bottom. 1 paper always drops from this map.

After collecting the first paper, leave your party, remake it, and go back to the Door of Dimension then back into the second map for the second paper.

Talk to Olaf and get your nostalgic Black Old Wisconsin. Then talk to him again to get sent to Florina Beach.

I suggest doing the first 3 quests in this order, but do whatever you want.

* Helping Riel

  • Kill 100 Lorang
  • Collect 50 Lorang Claw

* Helping Roel

  • Kill 100 Clang
  • Collect 50 Clang Claw

* Helping Rael

  • Kill 100 Tortie
  • Collect 50 Tortie Shell

Now talk to Pison

* Defeat King Clang

  • Defeat King Clang in Warm Sand

Go back and talk to Pison for your cool starter glove and the warp data for Florina Beach.

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