Kerning City

Talk to Chun Ji infront of the portal to Kerning at Intrinsic Crossway.

* Bribing Chun ji   

  • Give 100,000 mesos

Go in the portal and complete the following quests in town

* Jane Doe's Request   

  • Kill 150 Wraith
  • Collect 60 Broken Mirror Glass

* Nella's Proposal

  • Kill 150 Jr. Wraith
  • Collect 50 Tablecloth

* Nella's Request (Get to Swamp of Despear through the Subway Station, left most portal in Kerning City)

  • Collect 1 First-Aid Box from Muddy Swamp Monster

* Rebel with a Cause

  • Talk to Don Giovanni in Kerning Hair Salon

* The Misunderstanding

  • Talk to Icarus

Talk to the Dark Lord with 1,000,000 mesos to obtain warp data

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