Talk to Vicious in FM/Intrinsic Crossway for a quest to unlock the portal next to them to enter Henesys.

Go in the portal and talk to Chief Stan in Henesys

* Utah's Pig Farm

  • Talk to Utah

The portal to enter Utah's Pig farm is in Blue Mushroom Forest

The puzzle is rather simple.

If there are elite pigs that are killing you or pigs stopping you from jumping on the platforms below you can dm Pantheon on discord for help.

* The Pig Park

  • Kill Zombie Mushmom

Make a party and go in the top right portal in Blue Mushroom Forest 2, kill all the mobs and continue through the portals on the right to kill Zombie Mushmom.

Be sure to clear out some of your equip slots as she drops Pinky Hula Hoops and a Poison Spore etc that you can trade with the npc that spawns in the map after killing her to exchange for a new weapon.

You may want to collect 5 Blue Mushroom Caps before going back to Chief Stan for the next quest.

* Ambassador

  • Collect 5 Blue Mushroom Caps
  • Meet Chief Officer Chu in Shanghai

Go in the following portals to get to Shanghai from Henesys

Then walk left a bit and talk to Chief Officer Chu to get the warp data for Henesys and get your cool new hat.

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