Nautilus Harbor

Go in the left most portal of Florina Beach : Warm Sand to get into Nautilus Harbor.

Talk to Kyrin in the Navigation Room of the Nautilus and click on "An Exciting Talk with Kyrin" to start the questline.

* Christmas Preperations I   

  • Collect 70 Pig's Blue Ribbon

* Christmas Preperations II   

  • Elliminate 100 Yellow Starfish

* Christmas Preperations III   

  • Elliminate 100 Angry Starfish

* Christmas Preperations IV   

  • Elliminate 100 Jellyfish
  • Elliminate 100 Cool Jellyfish

* Defeat Crocell  

  • Kill Crocell

Get to Crocell by making a party and clicking on the Demon Doorway in either Ribbon Pig Beach, map to the left of Nautilus Harbor or Blue Ribbon Beach a couple maps right of Nautilus Harbor

Talk to Kyrin again to get the warp data for Nautilus Harbor and an Omega Sector Warp Capsule ETC that has unlimited uses for moving to Omega Sector via the teleport contraption in the Navigation Room.

But don't go there just yet, as the area level is 90+

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