The portal to Ellinia can be accessed through FM/Intrinsic Crossway. Far right of the map.

Make your way to the Chimney Tree Top map and talk to Luvar, doing so will automatically accept the quest

* The Fearsome Giant Lupin

  • Kill Faust

Make a party and go in the portal above Luvar to start, do what the text in the middle of your screen says.

Below are some screenshots of portals for each set of mobs you need to kill

  • Defeat 50 Slimes
  • Defeat 50 Dark Stumps
  • Defeat 2 Fairies
  • Defeat 50 Axe Stumps
  • Defeat 50 Curse Eyes
  • Defeat Faust

Turn the quest in to Luvar and then click on him again for the warp data and a Ticket to Orbis ETC.


  • Thanks so much for taking the time to write these guides, they are very helpful! Are you going to do one for El Nath? I'm sorta stuck on that one lol. Keep up the good work! =D

  • @CrazeeGurl Ya I'll post one for el nath, I have all the quests typed out up until neo city, just takes time to go through and figure out what I need screenshots for. I just got burnt out yesterday, had a lot going on later in the day.

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