Go to the far right of FM/Intrinsic Crossway and talk to Cherry to board the ship to Orbis. She works on a clock, just keep clicking her until she lets you board.

You will need to have the Ticket to Orbis which you get after completing Luvar's quest in Ellinia.

Talk to Kriel the Fairy and take the quest Eliza's Rage then start the story quest.

* Gaining Kriel's Trust      

  • Kill 100 Star Pixies
  • Gather 35 Star Pixies Starpieces

* Gaining Kriel's Trust II   

  • Kill 100 Lunar Pixies
  • Gather 35 Lunar Pixies Moonpieces

* Gaining Kriel's Trust III   

  • Kill 100 Lustar Pixies
  • Gather 35 Lustar Pixie Sunpieces

If you haven't completed the Eliza's Rage questline you'll have to do so in order to continue the custom quests with Kriel

* Eliza's Rage  

* Goddess's Pet   (Turn this quest in to Kriel)

  • Kill 100 Jr. Lucida
  • Kill 100 Lucida

* Eliza's Garden      (You get this quest from Kriel and turn it into the NPC Eliza

  • Talk to Eliza

Portal to Eliza is located in Stairway to the Sky II

* Talk with Eliza     

  • Kill Eliza's doppleganger

Make a party and click on the Door of Dimension Located at the bottom of the ladder in Stairway to the Sky II


  • Defeat 50 Jr. Cellion
  • Defeat 50 Jr. Lioner
  • Defeat 50 Jr. Grupin
  • Defeat 50 Cellion (Gather 100 tails for an upcoming quest)
  • Defeat 50 Lioner
  • Defeat 50 Grupin (Gather 100 tails for an upcoming quest)
  • Defeat Eliza (She drops Stellar gear, not that great but if you want them make some room in your inv)

Type /leaveparty to get out of the instance if you don't want to wait for the timer.

* Eliza's Eternal Sleep     

  • Click on any of the notes on the harp to the left of Eliza, you don't have to play the song

* Talk to Kriel the Fairy

* Talk to Lisa

* Gathering the Materials   

  • Gather 100 Grupin Tails
  • Gather 100 Cellion Tails

*Talk to Lisa to enter Tower of the Goddess ( I suggest buying All Cures from Miu Miu before going in)

  • Kill all the monsters to go through the top portal
  • Make your way up the second map and talk to Kriel, doesn't matter which one
  • Go back to the first map and kill the Papa Pixie Illusion

-Talk to Kriel in Orbis for the warp data, be sure to have an open slot for the Crescent Moon Belt

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