El Nath

You'll have to get to El Nath the ol' fashion way by jumpin down Orbis Tower

Once in El Nath, head right a bit and click on Jade, then click on Talk to Jade.

Ignore his normal quest "Huge Creature of the Snowfield"

* El Nath Investigation I

  • Kill 120 Jr. Yeti
  • Gather 40 Jr. Yeti Skin

* El Nath Investigation II

  • Kill 120 Dark Jr. Yeti
  • Gather 40 Dark Jr. Yeti Skin

* El Nath Investigation III

  • Kill 120 Pepe
  • Gather 40 Pepe Beak

* The Snow Witch

  • Kill the Snow Witch

Make a party and enter this portal in Cold Field II.

Kill all the mobs to continue through the bottom left portal to kill the Snow Witch in the next map.

Go back and talk to Jade to turn in the quest. He'll give you some sweet snowshoes he probably stole.

Talk to Jade again and he'll mention Helios Library because he's a sly bitch,

go back to the map containing the Snow Witch and enter this portal.

Talk to the Cokebear Operator and take his quest then talk to Polar Bear Poch in the top left to go back to El Nath

* An Explanation Please?

   - Talk to Jade for the El Nath and Coke Town warp data


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