Jett 4th Job Skills

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Suggestions for 4th job changes

Backup Beatdown: +1 line or increased mob count to 15

This will allow it to fill a niche where you can hug monsters do marginally more dps than planet buster at the cost of aoe and the occasional winddown. Currently there is no reason to use it other than to aggro mobs or once you're overgeared to the point that you can 1-3 hit enemies on flat platforms.

Or change it in so that it's better at gathering large packs then aoe-ing them down with increased mob count.

Starfall: while on cd increase proc rate of strike force showdown by 5%

Currently Jett does 75% dps of AB at best with Salvo and showdown at greater risk, at least below level 200. I would like a reason to even bind starfall at all given it's one of the worst "full" map attacks that was only viable in GMS when it had no CD whatsoever, so I'd like the Explorer pirate treatment applied. )extra hit chance)

Singularity shot: Double CD Double Damage or Could instead have the showdown rate up applied on use for 7 secs

Currently Same issue as Backup Beatdown it exposes you to high risk at low payoff, doubling cd and damage will alleviate this slightly with a minor dps increase given you'll be stuck for 720 less ms every 14 secs. It's still basically a bad snipe or brain scrambler.

Or apply increase proc rate of Salvo by a duration 1 sec longer than it's cd but only if it hits an enemy.

(number are just for example)

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