Wild Hunter Suggestions

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Can you make another bite apply max stacks with any procs, just like I/L? Or just make every attack have 100% chance to proc another bite.

Change Extended Magazine's damage% to attack%, and maybe increase the amount to 30-40%? WH kinda lack some damage.

Also https://forums.intrinsicms.net/discussion/147/wild-hunter-bugs#latest fixzz plszz, its pretty annoying when you try to boss but the jaguar skills get bugged.

And is it possible to enable the use of grappling hook while mounted on a jaguar?


My suggestion for V skill is to make Wild Arrow Blast do more lines/damage%, something similar to xenon's V skill.

Maybe something like:

  • Amount of lines 1 -> 3
  • Damage 240% -> 500%

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