Showa Town

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First go to Aquarium, hunt 100 seal meats (Seal), 1 snorkle (Scuba pepe) and 100 poopa eggs (poopa) (left portal of aquarium). This make sure you dont have to climb 100 tower floors over and over again

Then go to Ludibrium, LEFT PORTAL to the lego tower, and go all the way down to the bottom. Showa town welcomes you at 1st floor.

Talk to Popo (he's near to the portal after you enter the town)

Do 4 quests: (from Tsumi and Mariwaka, both in the portal next to npc Konpei, middle of town)

  • Tsumi & The gourmet dish - seal meat x100
  • Tsumi's special seafood 1 - snorkle x1 (thanks Tazower for getting this for me so i dont have to walk through 100 floors)
  • Tsumi's special seafood 2 - poopa eggs x100
  • Actor training - hunt 10 leader A and 10 leader B

Talk to Popo again:

  • Taking down the Yakuza 1 - kill 200 Extra A + 200 Extra B (left portal of Showa)
  • Taking down the Yakuza 2 - kill 400 Leader A + 400 extra D (2nd map of the hideout - talk to Konpei to get there)
  • Taking down the Yakuza 3 - kill 10 Male Boss A + 300 leader B, Leader B in 1st map of hideout. Male Boss A 3rd portal left of Showa (remember to keep clearing the mobs so he can appear every 10 sec)
  • Taking down the Yakuza 4 - kill 1 Female Boss (Anego - she in the 3rd map of hideout - Zipangu Palor, if do not see her cc another channel) + 10 Male Boss B (4th map of hideout - Zipangu Armory) REMEMBER TO LOOT ANEGO'S COMB
  • Taking down the Yakuza 5 - kill The Boss - go to Zipangu Amory, talk to Konpei to enter last map, drop Lady Boss's Comb on the furthest treasure chest, it will spawn Body Guard A, then Body Guard B, and then The Boss

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