Quick leveling from 1-120

Does anyone have a good quick leveling guide from 1-120 for the purpose of establishing link skills?


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    Do quests till aquarium/kerning sq. Or clear up to elnath, do aquarium, and grind to 120 at aquarium.

    I wouldn't bother with link skills aside from lumi, maybe phantom and mihile. They're just really small boosts

  • Thanks! Also would you happen to know if there was a bot for phantom skill swiping? Or would you actually have to find players for it

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    Theres a bot unlisted in the online list. Only at ch1 called sexbot near ETC hunting npc

    Use the command:

    sexbot job xyz


    x - 1 to 5, class

    y - 0 to 2, sub-class

    z - 0 to 3, advancement

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