Night Market

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Go to Ximending, take left portal until you see a map with top portal. Enter that portal, keep go left to reach Night Market.

Talk to Roan Li to start quest line:

  • Gaining Permission 1: kill 200 Red Bubble Tea + 200 Green Bubble Tea
  • Gaining Permission 2: kill 200 Red Bubble Tea + 200 Yellow Bubble Tea
  • Gaining Permission 3: kill 800 Yeti Doll + 1000 Jr Pepe Doll (3rd map to the left)
  • Gaining Permission 4: kill 200 Doll Vending Machine (go left portal 3rd map, enter bottom portal, then go right 2 maps to ''In Between The Roads of Night Market 2''. This map have most Doll Vending Machine)
  • Gaining Permission 5: kill 2 Snack Bar (Doll Vending Machine map, talk to Fruit Stand Gramps to enter boss map) After kill 1 boss, enter again (he says 6 hours cooldown but its not)

USE @fm @return to quickly return to Roan Li since you cannot use return scroll in night market area

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