Ellinia Academy

Go to Ellinia: The Giant Tree map, take the bottom portal to Ellinia Academy

  • Collect 30 Sparitum Leaf from Firefly slime
  • Collect 5 StarLight Crystal from Fairy slime

Talk to the cat again and now you can walk to the right side portal to the Academy. Talk to npcs in the Academy for next phase

  • Find Cootie's Encylopedia from mobs in Above The Lake 1
  • Collect 20 Cootie's Report Page in Above The Lake 3

Talk to those npcs again, then go to 2nd floor to meet Cootie, take the quest, search 2nd floor rooms to finish

Next quest is the same, on 3rd floor

Back to 1st floor, take quests and you'll warp to Ellinia. Talk to Arwen, Rowen then Betty then you'll warp back to Academy. (@dispose if you lagging after warp and cannot enter portal)

Talk, take quests, then go right portal. Talk to Cootie, he's ask you to hunt some mob, and after finish quest he'll open a portal next to him. Enter portal, kill all mob, and get out. Keep doing Cootie quest until reach final boss.

After rescue all the childrens, take the professor quests (kill that boss 5 times) to get warp data.

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