Skill Changes

Disclaimer: Skill changes were restored from a backup from Season 1 which was not fully updated. Please report and discrepencies



Link skill level requirements : Level1:70, Level2:120, Level3: 200

Damage cap raised to 2.1b

Boosters - Break Speed cap to 0

Magic Guard - Changed to passive skills

Luck of Dice skills - Always gives 30% Attack, Cooldown removed

Knight's Watch (Mihile Link Skill) - Gives Stance as per pre-revamp mihile, Duration doubled



Raging Blow - Changed to enraged effect regardless of state. Attack count: 9

Enrage - Gives 1.4x Damage as well, Gives additional 50% critical rate

Cry Valhalla - Attack Count effect removed

Weapon Booster - Gives 2 additional weapon speed



Added passive 50% chance to nullify any attack.

Blast - Gives 2x Damage, Damage % Removed

Void Elemental - Damage % changed to Attack %, GIve 40% more attack

Smite - Damage Tripled

Elemental Charge/Advanced Charge - Buff duration infinite

Weapon Booster - Gives 2 additional weapon speed

Dark Knight


Gungnir's Descent - Cooldown Removed

Sacrifice - 10% IED -> 20% IED. Lasts 180 Seconds

Cross Surge - Gives 3x Damage (If you are a DrK)

Booster - Gives -2 more attack speed

Dark Impale - Changed to Dragon Buster, Range and speed increased

Nightshade Explosion - Changed to Dragon Roar. Damage boosted(edited)

F/P Arch Mage


Megiddo Flame - All attacks other than ignite and Megiddo Flame has a (50 / targets)% chance of spawning a megiddo flame orb per affected enemy.

Element Amplification - 150% damage -> 188% damage

Mist Eruption - Cooldown Removed

Ifrit - Gives 40% IED, 50% Final Damage (Does not show on stat window)

I/L Arch Mage


Ice stacks are given all at once. Instantly gives 5 stacks.

Elquines - Gives 40% IED, 50% Final Damage (Does not show on stat window)

Magic Booster - Gives 2 additional attack speed

Frozen Orb - Damage increased. Attack Count 1 -> 2

Lightning Orb - Damage Increased. Attack Count 7 -> 14

Element Amplification - 150% damage -> 263% damage

Chain Lightning - Attack Count 8 -> 15



Blessed Harmony - Always gives 60% Final Damage

Bahamut - Gives 50% IED

Big Bang - Instant cast



Hurricane - Hits 3 mobs at 4th job

Advanced Final Attack - Activation Rate changed to 100%

Illusion Step - Gives 40% Attack

Arrow Blaster - Setting up a turret gives you a buff which gives 1.7x damage and 50% IED ALONG with the turret

Armor Break - Disabled

Arrow Stream - 350% damage -> 525% damage

Weapon Booster - Gives 2 additional weapon speed

Hurricane - Split Attack - Does not reduce damage per line

Enchanted Quiver - Duration * 7



Reckless Hunt : Crossbow - Gives 1.7x Damage. Removed Max Crit

High Speed Shot - Cooldown increased to 90 seconds. Damage Quadrupled.

Bullseye Shot - Also gives a buff that gives 4x attack count and reduces each hit to 0.4x damage for 45 seconds.

Piercing Arrow - Damage x6, Number of hits 4 -> 1

Piercing Arrow - Extra Strike - Skill Disabled

Weapon Booster - Gives 2 additional weapon speed

Night Lord


Claw Booster - Gives 1.6x Damage, 30% Attack

Showdown - Changed to Avenger

Night Lord's/Assassin's Mark - Proc rate 100%



Midnight Carnival - Changed to Savage Blow. Hits 8 Enemies in range. Does not proc Pickpocket

Meso Explosion - Skill Removed

Shadower Instinct - Gives 1.33x Damage for every killing point. (1.99x max). Gives 10 W.Att per killing point

Shadow Veil - Cooldown Halved

Boomerang Step- Does 1237% damage per hit

Dagger Booster - Gives additional 2 weapon speeds

Dual Blade


At 4th job, gains a clone that does 1x your damage ONLY when using Flying Assaulter, Tornado Spin and Bloody Storm

Self Haste- Gives 2x Damage

Final Cut - Duration increased to 120 seconds, Gives 30% IED

Blade Fury - Attack Count increased to 6, IED removed

Asura- Cooldown lowered to 60 seconds



Energy Charge rate doubled

Knuckle Booster - Gives 40% Critical Rate, 1.8x Damage, 30 weapon attack

Power Unity - Gives all stacks at once

Stimulating Conversion - Removed Energy Charge effect

Crossbones - % Damage changed to % Attack. Gives 50% IED

Octopunch - Charges 5x energy, When Energy is charged, attack count changed from 10 -> 15, hits 3 monsters

Nautilus Strike - Additional attack applies on all attacks

Typhoon Crush - Skill disabled



Quickdraw - Gives 1.7x damage, lasts for 200seconds. Does not get cancelled on first attack

All Aboard - Status resist effect removed

Ahoy Mateys - Effects other than watk removed

Jolly Roger - 100% Stance at max level

Headshot - Cooldown Removed

Rapid Fire - Skill Removed

Cannon Master


Pirate's Spirit - Gives 2.2x Damage. 25% Critical Rate

Cannon Booster - Boosts weapon speed by another 3 stages, Gives 100% Stance(edited)


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    Dawn Warrior


    Styx Crossing - Hits 15 times at full charge. Cooldown reduced to 12 seconds

    Soul Element - 2x Damage

    Rising Sun/Falling Moon - Both buffs stack

    Soul Speed - Boosts attack speed by an additional 2 stages

    Rising Sun (Master of the Sword) - Damage % -> Attack %. Gives 50% more attack

    Sword Booster - Gives 2 additional weapon speed

    Blaze Wizard


    Orbital Flame - Split Attack - Gives 4 more hits

    Word of Fire - 110% M.Att

    Wind Archer


    Albatross Max - Gives 1.7x damage, Gives 50% IED

    Storm Arrows - Proc rate 30% -> 70%

    Trifling Wind - Double Chance -- Extra arrows from this hyper skill does not affect the cap on the number of arrows per attack

    Trifling Wind - Both arrows have twice the chance of spawning

    Trifling Wind (Enhanced) - Quintupled Chance of spawning

    Bow Booster - Gives 2 additional weapon speed

    Spiraling Vortex - 5 -> 9 Hits

    Night Walker


    Bats can now bounce on the same monster

    Element Darkness - Gives 1.7x Damage

    Quintuple Star - First 4 stars now hits 8 monsters and hitbox

    depends on the first monster hit.

    5th Star is unaffected by this change

    Throwing Booster - Attack speed buff doubled

    Shadow Illusion - Cooldown time divided by 3

    Thunder Breaker


    Lightning - Gives 30% IED, Does not stack

    Annihilate - Hits 7 times regardless of lightning stacks

    Typhoon - Cooldown Removed, Damage Buff Removed. Added 10% Crit Rate buff

    Gale - Damage Buff Removed

    Arc Charger - Cooldown removed. Gives 1.5x damage(edited)

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    Bosses give 2x combo count. Combo increases by (Number of mob hits)*(Number of lines per mob)

    Polearm Booster - Gives additional 2 weapon speed. Gives 1.5x damage

    Might - W.Att, Def removed

    Maha's Blessing - Gives double the attack

    Adrenaline Rush/Boost - Damage boost 400% -> 100%



    Can obtain Adventure Mage teleport using @teleport

    Magic Booster - 100% damage



    Ishtar's Ring - Attack count 2->5

    Wrath of Enril - Cooldown Removed.

    Unicorn Spike - Cooldown removed, debuff removed

    Ancient Warding - Gives 2x Damage, 20% IED

    Booster - Attack speed buff -2 -> -5

    Lightning Edge - Debuff removed



    Judgement Draw - No buff given but cards are automatically shot out when full after getting Noire Carte

    Priere D'Aria - Gives 2.4x damage (does not stack with Cross Surge)



    Fox Fire Toggle - Also adds 2.2x damage buff when toggled on

    Spirit Claw - Hits 8 mobs



    Luminous is now using the KMS Light/Dark System.

    Luminous Gauge rate increased

    Reflection - Charges Gauge twice as fast

    Magic Booster - Boosts attack speed by another 3 stages

    Equalize - Effect removed. Replaced with a buff that gives 50% magic damage for 20 seconds

    Lunar Tide - Always gives Critical Rate

    Apocalypse, Ender - Damage increased by 0.75x

    Reflection - Attack count 4 ->7(edited)

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    Demon Slayer


    Blue Blood - Duration Doubled. Damage Halved

    Demon Cry - Spammable

    Dark Metamorphosis - Damage boost removed

    Booster - Gives 20% attack, 2.2x damage

    Vengeance - Skill Disabled

    Demon Avenger


    No cap on HP Calculation. %Allstats affects damage calculation

    HP Used for calculation Multiplied by 1.5x. (Effectively almost 1.5x final damage)

    Exceed: Execution - Hits 8 monsters at max exceed stacks

    Battle Mage


    Staff Boost - Boosts attack speed by an additional 2 stages

    Blood Drain - Duration doubled

    Master of Death - Gives 150% M.Att at max level, Cooldown removed, Duration * 6. +5 attack count to all Blow skills

    Finishing Blow - Applies Dark Lightning debuff

    Battle Rage - Does not reduce monsters hit

    Wild Hunter


    Automatically gets the buff for having 6 jaguars

    Call of the Wild - Gives 2x Damage

    Another Bite - Does 2x as many hits



    Booster - Gives 2x Damage

    AP Salvo Plus - Hits 10 Times



    OOPArts Code - Duration Quadrupled, Gives 1.85x Damage

    Snipe - Damage increased

    Aegis System - Is triggered by attacks as well when Amanrath Generator is active



    Booster - Gives 3 more weapon speeds and 2x damage and 100% stance

  • Hayato


    Final Attack activates on any attack

    Base Mastery increased

    Gains Sword Energy when attacking monsters as well

    Iron Skin - Gives 2x Damage

    Willow Dodge - Gives all stacks at once, Duration tripled

    Rai Sanrenzan - Attack count doubled

    Rai Blade Flash - Attack count doubled

    Shinsoku - Attack count tripled



    Can obtain Adventure Mage teleport using @teleport

    Base Mastery increased

    Haku's buffs last (almost) forever

    MP pool increased to 2*level after level 200.

    Fox Fire - Disabled

    Haku's Blessing - Defence boost removed, %M.Att Tripled

    Soul Shear - Disabled

    Kishin- Does not deal damage. Only reduces spawn time

    Nimbus Curse - Mana cost removed. Cooldown 3 seconds

    Falling Sakura - Cooldown Removed

    Vanquisher Charm - Mana cost removed(edited)

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    Gauge fill rate Doubled

    Gauge bonuses aren't given

    Final Form -Removed Damage % and Critical Rate %

    Blaze On - Gives 30 more weapon attack, Gives 1.65x damage

    Realign : Attacker/Defender Mode - Skills Disabled

    Grand Armor - Gives 100% Stance

    Cursebite - Removed Final Attack Effect, Gives 30% attack and 40% critical rate

    Tempest Blades - All attacks have a (50 / targets)% chance per mob to launch

    Gigas Wave - Hits 10 monsters when transfigured

    Blade Burst - Does 8+8 hits

    Final Trance - Cooldown halved

    Angelic Buster


    Skills have a 100% chance of recharging

    Star Gazer - Applies Affinity Heart IV's damage buff when active.

    Affinity Heart IV - Gives 30% Critical Rate

    Melody Cross - Gives double the attack speed. Gives 1.5x Damage

    Trinity - Buff goes up to 9 stacks at max level

    Iron Blossom - Always gives twice the stance

    Finale Ribbon - Gives full damage bonus to party members as well

    Celestial Roar - Attack Count 2 -> 4



    Enduring Spirit - Gives 2x damage

    Stance - Gives 100% Stance at max level

    Roiling Soul - Cooldown Removed, Damage %-> Attack%

    Royal Guard - Time limit to get hit by a monster after activating Royal Guard is now infinite.

    Zero (Job Currently Unavailable)


    Beast Tamer (Job Currently Unavailable)




    Galactic Might - 2.5x Damage

    High Gravity - Stance chance doubled

    Planet Buster - No cooldown

    Slipstream Suit - Added 35% IED



    Skills that recover PP now recover double the PP

    Telepath Tactics - 20% Damage -> 20% M.Att

    Critical Rush - Applies permanently regardless of combo count. Mastery increased.

    Ultimate - B.P.M - Damage Increased. Hits 10 times

    Psychic Grab - Boss Point - Skill Disabled

    Psychic Force - Does not give final damage debuff

    Mind Break - Does not give damage buff

    Mental Shock - Does not stun

    Awakening - 20% Final Damage -> 120% Final Damage

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    Pink Bean


    Blazing Yo-yo - Yoyo stacks recharge on any other attack

    Let's Roll - Starts from large roll

    Instant Garden: Pretty - Effect removed

    Pink Bean's Dignity - EXP/Drop rate bonus removed

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