Possible TB Buff?

I've mained TB exclusively during my time of playing the server in both iterations so far, and that's really not intending on changing. That said, I've noticed that the class seems to underperform at almost every point in progression.

While the class has solid mobbing capabilities, one requires excessive funding to make the most out of it; higher funding than other classes would need in order to compete. Lategame only got worse from my experience in s1, with the invasions being near-impossible without assistance or the absolute best potentials/scrolling across all the current equipment.

Now, seeing as TB is unchanged from s1 and I actually feel like bringing it up now, I'll suggest what I think would improve the class to make it able to keep up with the rest of the pack:

Buff Thunderbolt from 320% to 390% so it's on par with Typhoon

Buff Annihilate from 350% to 390% so it's on par with Typhoon; its faster attack speed makes it preferable over Thunderbolt regardless of a potential buff to Thunderbolt

Increase Arc Charger's damage boost from 1.5x to 1.8x or so

A minor thing: Give TB 100% stance from link mastery while chaining attacks so it'll be in-line with official having total KB resistance.

As for a V Skill, this is mostly asking for the sake of it: considering that TB's proper V Skills aren't currently viable to add, is it possible to make the v skill a buff to Typhoon, similar to Xenon's buffed Beam Dance? If that is at all possible, increasing it to around 600% from 390% would give TB what it needs to make the lategame content that much more bearable (and possible).

Thank you for your time.


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    Instead of buffing the dmg % on different attacks, it would be better to make Arc Charger extra lines deal 100% FD instead of 50%.

    As for the V skill, I think its probably the best for Thunderbreaker to get something similar like Dawn warrior, a 70% att buff.

  • Definitely a better way to go about it, honestly. These were just what was I was thinking of in the moment. Making all the lines deal full damage would absolutely make the class more viable overall and shouldn't make it overpowered. If for whatever reason it would, further adjustments can always be made.

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