Bare basic guide to adding equipment potential and cubing in IntrinsicMS

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This is a BARE BASIC/GENERAL guide, and is more for players who are new to Maplestory in general, hope this helps new players that are looking for some way to upgrade gears.

IntrinsicMS – Brief Basic guide to Regular/Main Potential

This is a basic guide on how to get your item with no potential to one that has potential.

This guide will NOT cover in-depth on the stats available on each slot/item and best way to cube and item in this server. This is only a basic guide on getting started on item potentials. If you are looking for stats available for each item; look here:

MapleStory/Potential System — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

The potential system is a bonus to item stats previously set. If you pick up an item, there might be a notice in your chat window saying, "You get the…

Table of Content

1) What items can have potential?

2)How to add potential into items if they don’t already have?

3) We’ve got potential item now, how to reveal and upgrade the potential?

4) Exceptions

5) End

1) What items can have potential?

Generally, any equipment that have upgrade slots can be upgraded with a few exceptions that is stated on the equipment itself; Fairy Queen Ring is one such item:

2) How to add potential into items if they don’t already have?

Now that you know potential can be applied to most items that have upgrade slots, how do we apply potential?

There are currently 2 methods of applying potential in IntrinsicMS by using:

For Tim’s Secret Lab, the success rate is at 100%, where by Potential Scroll is chanced. Some potential scrolls will destroy equipment upon failure, be careful.

To use Tim’s secret Lab, double click on it, and place your equipment inside, the UI and click OK:

3) We’ve got potential item now, how to reveal and upgrade the potential?

After placing potential into your equipment, you first need to reveal it by clicking on the magnifying glass on your inventory UI and click on said item, it will prompt to use meso to reveal, click ok and there we have an item with potential.

To upgrade your potential, get the appropriate magnifying glass of your equipment level from Miumiu, found under cash inventory or here:

Once you’ve got your glasses, get to the cubing manager located just above Miumiu.

A dialogue should appear, select the item that you want to upgrade its potential

Next Menu are list of cubes; these are their functions

Potential goes from Rare > Epic > Unique > Legendary

Generally, you’ll want to start off with Premium Miracle first to add the lines; Max possible lines: 3 and hopefully upgrades the potential at the same time, if it doesn’t that is fine, use Miracle cube to continue upgrade to Unique, afterwards, use Red to Legendary. You may stop at any time if you have a good potential on your equipment.

First line of potential will never degrade, unless the cube does that. The other 2 that follows will either be same potential tier or 1 Grade below. Example:


  • 4) Exceptions

    Wait! This ring does not have any upgrade slot available! Why does it have potential?!

    Aside from certain equipment that can never have potential unless dropped, these crafting rings are such examples, there is a EXTREMELY SMALL CHANCE to obtain it with potential via crafting.

    5) End

    That is the end of this brief and basic guide. Hopefully RNG does favour you and get all the delicious lines that you are looking for. Good luck!

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